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State Punishes City Over Racist Monuments

State Punishes City Over Racist Monuments

The state of Tennessee is withholding funds from Memphis after the removal of a statue honoring the man who literally founded the KKK. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. http://www.tytnetwork.com/join

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Read more here: http://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/383686-memphis-faces-consequences-from-tennessee-lawmakers-after-removal-of

“Tennessee state lawmakers voted to take $250,000 away from the city of Memphis after its decision to take down Confederate statues.

The Republican-dominated state House decided to take away the money, which was meant to be used next year for a bicentennial celebration, by passing an amendment attached to the House appropriations bill, The Associated Press reported.

Rep. Antonio Parkinson (D) was booed by other lawmakers when speaking out against the amendment.

“You can boo all you want, but let’s call it for what it is,” the Memphis representative said.
Rep. Andy Holt (R) ripped the city for removing the monuments and said he wished the punishment was even worse.

“Today is a demonstration that bad actions have bad consequences, and my only regret about this is it’s not in the tune of millions of dollars,” Holt said.

Memphis was able to remove statues of Confederate generals from parks in the city after it sold the parks to a nonprofit.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich


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  1. The Confederacy is at war again. These are attacks on history. You should pay dearly if touch a Confederate statute and go to jail!

  2. It’s unfathomable we’re even having this discussion when any educated mind knows that individuals like Nathan Bedford Forrest were clearly on the wrong side of history and should be shamed. You can’t beat this logic in the heads of stubborn conservatives, that their ideologies are wrong and we as nation are progressing away from segregation and exclusiveness. Nathan Bedford and anyone fighting to keep slavery in tact are terrible human beings…and the fact they people would identify as strong faithful Christians makes them even worse. History is evil and we need not to honor the worst in history through statues or memorials. Nothing about Nathan Bedford is honorable. He was an evil man during a far more evil time in history. The fact that it takes all the up to 2018 for this type of removal is outrageous enoug.

  3. And JUSTICE finally! They should have taken away all their welfare funds. MAKE THEM PAY.

  4. Above ground. It's too bad Linclon.but homosidal maniac ass wasn't smoked four years sooner. Any S O B that would rather see 750,000 or more be murdered by each other , rather than find a smart intellegent solution is either stupid or a cold blood S O B.
    And just so you know.
    Have a nice dat.

  5. You don't have the full story. Memphis city council wrote a law allowing the sale of the public parks. The parks land that is worth 4 million dollars , was sold for a thousand dollars each. The Green Works program bought the property for whatever use, the statue removal was ordered by the Green Works group, and the statues were removed by a company owned by a member of the city council. The funds were cut because the parks were no longer public property and the funds were taken away, not to mention that one of the statues is where a man is buried, Get your facts straight young turds….

  6. I love my confed history

  7. How much nuffin would a dindu do if a dindu dindu nuffin?

  8. Forrest should have been hung as a war criminal as well as Pickett, both murdered POWs

  9. America: Land of Division and Hate

  10. Come down south and say that shit

  11. By definition they are and were traitors to the Union, can't argue that.

  12. Actions have consequences, you push people and they push back. Since they are willing to tear them down merely because they dislike a individual because of a single trait or action they committed, I feel like the action Tennessee has taken is appropriate.

  13. Forest forest, that sounds familiar

  14. Down with the statues of traitors! The south has been indoctrinated since the civil war to believe their cause was just and not about slavery because they want to save face even though they left the United States and denounced it. They changed their flag and fought for the right to own other human beings, then the south erected statues and rewrote history in textbooks to fool the following generations into defending their heritage to the death.

  15. I like the way you twist this story the only reason they let them take over the parks was so they could take down the monuments of course you know this you just want to make Tennessee seem more racist than they realy are

  16. i would boycott tennessee but honestly i think the only commercial transaction i've ever done with it is to watch my tax dollars be redistributed to fund its coffers.

  17. why can't these historic monuments simply be replaced by others that are more appropriate? i would commission one of a Union soldier with a calm face and demeanor and athletic build bayoneting a confederate that looks like it's wailing like livestock. imagine that in bronze and marble

  18. nonprofit organisations are not "private control". They're part of the Third Sector and there are no greedy shareholders. So it's not like selling to Walmart or Apple.

  19. Everyone knows cenk has a Wikipedia article on Nathan Bedford Forrest sitting on his desk

  20. The Young Turks are such an intelligent news organization that despite the other news around the world Ana is interested in how many dogs urinated on the Confederate statue.

  21. Bedford Forrest was an American Hero.

  22. The Tennessee legislature made a monumental mistake. I'm surprised that no one has climbed up the statue and taken a big poop on its head.

  23. "bad actions have bad consequences" Killing Solders of the USA does that have bad consequences ? because that is what confederates did. they were the enemy of the USA. should Sadam get a statue? Mussolini? Bin Laden? Ho Chi Minh?

  24. I mean you can't really whine about terrorist, traitor,etc; statues, and not mention all the Marxist influenced statues around America.

  25. Haha, no money for the hick town! I hope you trailer trash starve to death and your water poisoned to sterilize you!

  26. That's why Black athletes shouldn't be playing and making millions of dollars for schools like The University of Tenn!!

  27. can't wait for all the small government conservatives to defend Memphis

  28. If they plan to erase the Confederacy, then perhaps we can erase slavery next!!! Cater G. Woodson would be SO PROUD!!!!

  29. 1. How can the State sell public land?
    2. Now that it's gone they have zero say on what happens to their precious racists statutes.

  30. Hello,

    Put a board, don't hide history from a place.

    Regarding your guy murdering sourthern prisoner and black men. It is more strategy than racism.

    Appreciate history as it is. This period of time, this fight over slavery was probalby the shinniest period of american history. Don't blame the state of mind of the people of the time because of your today belives. Just be grateful for the ones who changed it. And remember most of the changers were Frenchs.

    My thinking: Today young black-american people thinks they can't be racist. It is pure racism.
    My thinking on my thinking: It is because they think they are bottom of the bottom. It is because of Democrats.
    My thinking x3: It is because of democrats because I don't like democrats.
    My thinking x4: I don't like democrats because they use communotarism and pity as a tool. When they say "when you see your white neighbor, you look down, IT IS RACISM, raise against that". End of the day, you look down when you see your white neighbor: compulsion 101, Hillary 2020.
    My thinking x5: It is not a level 5 digression. OK ? France is a nice country. This is a digression. This is also a digression. I am not drunk.

  31. LOL…this was an invented $250K to take back. Memphis wasn't expecting it.
    That said, this will have consequences for the people of those counties whenever they have to travel to Memphis for Sports/high School competitions, coordination or when needing West TN support.
    Additionally, the grave sites and bones of Nathan Bedford and his wife are still in Memphis….as well as other confederate monuments. They are about to get much more popular with disrespect over the next year or so because of this.
    The individuals who supported this invented issue are about to learn of "unintended consequences".

  32. All those republicans that voted for that should shoot themselves in the head. And all the people that voted for those fucks should kill themselves too

  33. the left wants to destroy american culture and history. true patriots stand up to libtards

  34. Black kids shouldn’t play for their universities..that would really teach them considering how important football is in the south

  35. Its extremely sad and embarrassing and shameful when my family in other countries ask me if shit going to hit the fan with all this going on in our United States of America . I say this because I'm done with this we all need to go and vote . We need to take back our political landscape because we are desperately in need of relandscaping. Clean up all the dead off our Judicial branches and start fresh . All progressives lets get involved its time to move we need to for this our Spring. I know that its not going to be easy but our lives depend on it and I too want a slice of the American dream my parents promise me . I still believe we can truly be the United States of America where every man is created equal and judged by their character not their religion skin color or sexual preferences and most of all the land of the free and home of the brave . Our America needs a rebrith our own American Spring ! We are free now its time to be brave ! Be brave America !

  36. I honestly love the "Parks & Retaliation" title!

  37. I wouldn't want my tax dollars going to someone who would've lynched me had I lived in his time period either.

  38. I think you should have the Japanese naval ensign put up at Pearl Harbor. And maybe the Al-Qaeda flag at the WTC place while you're at it. Don't forget the Ho Chi Minh statue aswell.

  39. tennessee is a state where inbred white christian hillbillies legally marry 10 year old girls.

  40. Stars and Stripes or Stars and Bars? You can only choose one.

  41. It’s about southern heritage. We southerners need to keep the heritage from leftists who want to erase history

  42. as a native white Memphian, i was so inundated by the whole "glorious Confederacy" bullshit that i believed it until i became an adult and GREW UP! sadly, this type of institutional ignorance is alive and well in this town even tho nearly all the white people moved out of the city limits long ago in fear of black influx. the ones who really protested this were the Confederacy advocate organizations. so when the statues came down, AT NIGHT, they were surrounded by police for the protection of the workers.

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