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Steve Bannon: Senate impeachment trial will be the 'trial of the century'

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon says former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will enter the 2020 Democratic race as a cry of desperation for the party.

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  1. Yikes. If you thought the inquiry was dull, wait until this goes on TV. Good material for insomnia.

  2. The Democrats are banking on offering free everything and fixing the voter rolls …corrupt

  3. Who wants their Pelosi beat? Get in line Demofrauds…who wants that whoppin' the most?

  4. I'm all in. I'd pay to watch this.

  5. The Democrats have changed so drastically that the party is unrecognizable. They don't stand for the people anymore. Social security never increased under Obama, but has had an increase under Trump. Not much, but an increase.

  6. I think the antichrist will take trumps place …Democrat…or republican.

  7. Trump is also fighting a SPIRITUAL WAR for this nation and the average American citizen!!! Also many of his enemies should be arrested for SEDITION and TREASON!!! Our Founding Fathers wouldn't have waited so long! 👿 Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  8. Brains and Beauty = Trish Regan. Steve Bannon has made every single call 100 percent right so far. He says American minorities are now pouring into the Party of Trump because their living standards are rishing for the first time since the 1980s. He also says that all American workers can see the Trump Miracle with our economy. 7.1 million new jobs and 5.9 million off Food Stamps. And finally, wages are now undeniably starting to rise. All this in just 3 years with the Democrats fighting against every new job. Just think, at this pace we are looking at 17.5 million NEW jobs total in an 8 year period. Wages will skyrocket.

  9. How many people has Hillary had murdered?

  10. Trial of the century… Over nothing.

  11. Yes. The vote will haunt Republicans. Gen Z favors removal by Senate 65 to 28. Millennials 57 to 36. Gen X 55 to 37. Boomers 45 favor removal, 50% oppose it. Republicans in future years will be wiped out because they voted against impeachment. It will be like voting for legalizing child pornography. Bye Bye Republican Party.

  12. Which of the Hillary clones would they run?

  13. The trial of the century will be if there is ever anyone important enough to convince Steve Bannon to wear a tie. No luck so far. We'll keep you posted.

  14. It might not happen, Steve.

  15. The fake news agencies can only hide the corruption of Democratic Party for very short. Of time

  16. It won’t be wicked Hillbilly it will be the anti christ!
    Hillary Clinton ahhhaa

  17. And this shift if I was you I would never have a comfortable night sleeping, even awake, doing wrong thing God will take his peace from you, you'll be scared of a fly in your washroom, then you will learn that peace is a gift from God and you must be honest to earn this

  18. The Democrats revealed all of themselves, and they did it with arrogance,

  19. One session come to the Senate I throw it down and I put all of y'all in the investigation has been so well documented of the bias the attention it's nobody that even the Democratic senators better have common sense, if you allow this pestilence to grow and them to consistently on a daily basis attacked the president with false information that's been confirmed false and the sources are the same they continue this attack the hide their corruption and in doing so they revealed all of themselves

  20. How dumb is this woman? Yes, she is hot but has just come this?

  21. The Democrats used every opportunity to harm the country

  22. Democrats have kept the black community in a state of political slavery for 50 years. They are finally realizing Dems are not helping but suppressing them. Dems battle to push mass immigration just another way they are ravaging the black communities

  23. Nancy is afraid. For wot. Will come out of Ukraine her family is in it too. And. Dems.


  25. 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏 America First 💕🇺🇸👍💕Thanks God American we got Donald Trump!! 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏God Bless America & God Bless President Trump!! ❤️🙏❤️🙏Vote these corrupted traitors criminal crimes out of Government they abuse the Power such like: Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Nadler Jerry, Chuck Schumer!! We the people!!  It’s time justice for American. Where is the Justice?? especially for President Trump!! Impeachment every single one doing phony show impeachment President it's unconstitutional!  These Democrats Commie they are terrifying our country apart its enough!!  Lock them up these radical dems traitors of United States of America

  26. Steve bannon is no good. He appeared like supporting Trump, but his words are otherwise. For example, he said the people, who been trying to do coup d'etat to Trump, are no question about their patriotism. If they are patriotic, then trump has problem! ( people who been trying to do coup d'etat or trying to impeache Trump are no patriot. Their patriotism should be deeply questioned. These people don't love USA. If they do, they wouldn't bring down USA today like this). Steve bannon is very wobbly in deepth.

  27. “Whereas the Party of Crime benefits at the expense of America, America benefits at the expense of President Trump.” (Common Sense) PersisT: For America: KAG 2020

  28. Hillary for Rykers prison Queen ! Lock her up for the hundreds of felonies she's committed!!

  29. She wants to run again? She can't even walk by herself!

  30. Ban on has no clue what he’s talking about. Hillary is not going to run. She had her chance. Get over the nonsense Bannon!

  31. Just phone up Jimmy Kimmel………and ask him what he thinks of Donald Trump!!!?

  32. He better not alienate people who vape, by banning flavors, or else he will lose. People don’t understands how important vaping is to people. It’s not a hobby, or something to do, it’s viewed as a lifesaver. To take flavors away from vapers is like telling them to go die. Vapers are single issue voters— it’s THAT important to this group of people.

  33. I guess it is a new century, Remember, OJ was innocent too but that was the last century. Probably won't watch this one either. Have fun, this ought to keep us occupied til football rolls back around.

  34. I’d love to meet Steve Bannon and spend a few hours talking to him/ listening to him talk.

  35. Best time for a new party now that people are waking up to how evil the democrats are they are the past an aweful evil past. They always are connected to peadophiles and are anti God , Country and family….

  36. Lindsey Graham is out there constantly saying he’s not going to let witnesses be called. Bannon needs to get in the ear of the President on this decision right now! He’s the one on trial. Not a Graham!

  37. And it will be the down fall of the democrat party.

  38. If ADLAI STEVENSON was given another chance to run against DWIGHT EISENHOWER…"TWICE"
    …why not give HILLARY CLINTON another chance?

    Look at MIKE BLOOMBERG…he said he entered the race for 2020
    because nobody can't beat TRUMP except him. But the problem is…as soon as TRUMP called him MINI MIKE…nobody pay attention to him anymore.

    But not HILLARY? She can always claim that she beat TRUMP which is TRUE.

    She actually have more plurality vote than TRUMP in 2016.

    So…let the RE-MATCH of the MILLENNIUM begin.

    What is she waiting for?
    Go ahead…announce your candidacy.

    It will be the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

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