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Stimulus check concerns include possible data breach: Former IRS commissioner

Former IRS commissioner and alliantgroup vice chairperson Mark Everson says people who didn’t file their tax returns and those who don’t have direct bank deposits can use a web portal to ensure they receive their checks.

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  1. Lies from the table cloth

  2. Bring on the socialist checks!

  3. Do the taxpayers have to pay taxes on their own taxed money?

  4. Public places closed like the Library.

  5. I cannot believe we are in the 21st Century and we are having these issues. It is so ridiculous for I.R.S. to have to set up a portal website (Costly) for Seniors to give them their Direct Deposit. Number 1, it can cause fraud and scams once you are on the internet. Number 2, It is Social Security Administration who mails these checks out every month. Why the heck can't Social Security Administration mail all the checks to everyone on Social Security then send the bill to the I.R.S. Dept. of Treasury and get reimbursed. It takes the burden off of one Dept. to print that many checks and saves them from setting up a portal. It will give the SS recipients their money much quicker. Common Sense just doesn't work with the Government.

  6. The IRS better get busy. Lol. Finally

  7. Come on Uncle Sam we're broke, busted, and disgusted. 🤑

  8. We would have gotten the money if there had not been a democrat involved


  10. Don't worry everyone have your slum check by 2021

  11. Trump administration has it all under control. Why is Fox News making up these stories?

  12. A strange number of egg accounts commenting on this with an oddly consistent message of “the corporations got money and I didn’t.” Make sure that check from China clears before launching your astroturfing campaign.

  13. brazil now has motorbike boy delivery mania = virus delivered to every condo for free, search "motoboy"

  14. Brazil has loads of hacker organizations ready to siphon the government stipends … though just like 100 bucks per person, but times are tough …… btw please clamp down on brazil = mutation 9 already and people are touching dirty phones and masks = superspreading, no lockdown, buses packed with 70 people heads even out of windows = the west must do something or this virus will keep mutating and end up back in the 1st world in July as a supermonster

  15. 155M Americans expecting checks by Apr.16? Stevo Munchkin promised "within 2 weeks" on Apr.2 – Let's see how many of the 155M will get a deposit before the 16th. Crossing my fingers.

  16. Will it be electronically deposited or not?

  17. Poor little seniors who don't have access to the Internet…
    I've been doing the Internet since before it started. I can run circles around either of those two, that's for sure 🤣

  18. If you filed taxes you don't need a check

  19. Oh this is going to be a complete Trainwreck

  20. Chris Wallace is the devil

  21. Stop it Fox news just trying to scare people .Seniors will automatically get a check because most if not all of them get social security and those that don't need to file can upload their info with turbo tax

  22. You get small check . Corporation get trillions of untapped cash

  23. I still haven't got my taxes! It's been 6 weeks!

  24. Well if some people info is not updated can you follow up with via phone? I mean it must be a lot of them but not as many who havw direct deposit. All Im saying is if the unemployment offices where able to handle the claims this month, Im sure the IRS can too

  25. Hi my name Larry Spencer jr I need help with bills I have a family too support can anybody please help me please anything will help my family my address 1220 Fallon Dr Clarksville Tn 37043

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