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Stop calling this a stimulus bill, it doesn't stimulate the economy: Moore

Former Trump senior economic adviser Steve Moore shares what he believes are positive and negative portions of the coronavirus bill.

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  1. Definition in the dictionary for politician should read… Person with the inability to think things through. I thought of all these problems the second they suggested they could hold an economy together by throwing borrowed  money at it.  I gave it 2 to 3 weeks before this turns into a total disaster. I am watching with great interest to see if I was right.


  3. The Federal government completely missed the point of the support of middle class American workers, what should have happened is a 90 cessation of loan, lease and rental payments for all individuals, corporations, and small businesses period end of story, the missing capital could be prorated over months or years once the economy started again. the only money needed after that for survival would have been for food and fuel a much smaller capital expenditure than two trillion dollars. This also provides incentive for once the crisis is over for workers and businesses to get going right away. The Banks can be on hold for 90 days and the Federal government can pay lost interest on loans directly to banks instead of these gigantic corporate payments and cash to public. The Airlines DO NOT need to be flying right now at all (except emergency travel only ) The airline staff and operation can be put in a "coma" until June or July then everyone goes back to work as if June first was tomorrow. Boeing did not need a bailout they needed to suspend operations and creditors could be told that no payments made until 6 months and the Federal government could remunerate the interest lost directly to banks. No need for trains airplanes or public transport right now just PAUSE all non essential endeavors . Our leaders have simply thrown cash at this problem for more reasons than explained, the simplest answer is right in front of them and they are blind to it. The American people need to survive a government mandated economic coma and thus the burden of debt is on the Government and not the America citizen directly according to the Constitution the fifth amendment lost property value etc must be replaced by the government at a fair market value folks loosing business and wages due to mandates should have that value replaced until the government reopens the economy.

  4. If I have to hear another anchor or congress person say the unemployment insurance is going to incentivize people not to work, I’m gonna go for Michael Corleone.

  5. If they pay me 60k a year not to work I'm not going back.

  6. i work. i dont even make 600 a week and if id have taken a lay off I'd have gotten my 400 plus another 600 for 1k a week. I gotta go request to get laid off. I'm a chump

  7. Lol you clowns don't have a clue, $600 A week is more than a biweekly pay check for a minimum wage worker 😆 if you think People aren't going to ride this gravy train until the wheels fall off you never been poor !

  8. What does it matter if it's needed it's needed, and yes it will help the economy because it will enable people to spend money in the marketplace

    Hard to listen to some of these people that just want to be heard

  9. Moore says we need more freebies. In January, Moore said this is the greatest economy ever.

  10. Most businesses aren’t started on savings. They take out loans. Virus just sped up the end of the F45 franchises and endless $7 avocado toast restaurants

  11. How about some PORK sandwiches! Pres Trump should tell them all to shove it up their backsides. Rather struggle until it gets done right.

  12. Many are paying the taxes but getting no help whatsoever

  13. Moore is an idiot! Most people WANT to work and feel miserable when they can’t. He sounds like HE would want to sit back and goof off as long as he could, but he shouldn’t think everyone else is like himself!

  14. I disagree good people the hard working people of this country will go back to work and as far as I’ve read on TX unemployment you will lose benefits if your employer goes back to work and offers you a job if you choose not to take the job you will lose unemployment benefits.

  15. Stop calling this a stimulus bill
    We will need one of those. Smh. Corporate welfare queens. Losers.

  16. It is a “stimulus bill” it stimulated Pelosi into a meltdown and democrats were stimulated into showing their hate for Americans.

  17. Oh Lord fox news make me sick.if you know how to treat people then we will show up at work.

  18. Excellent stimulus for people to stop working. Why risk yourself working in the hospital if you get more from handout.

  19. This is a bailout dressed up in "Oh weve got to help out the working class bc weve got to keep our slaves paid their pittance", while giving the airlines hundreds of billions to reward their mass greed on their own stock purchases to elevate their own stock……the government stealing calling it a giveaway!!! Ha right.

  20. Unemployment doesn’t last forever. This is a great time to get a good job. Lazy people will not be trying til money runs out. Doing my resume now. KAG

  21. Too little too late…..sorry.

  22. Ever heard of demand? It's something a market economy can't function without!

  23. A real stimulus bill would include tax cuts and cutting red tape.

  24. 2T stimulus = 0.25T – Americans + 0.25T – Business + 1.5T – politicians!

  25. Exactly! This is NOT a stimulus! I get FOOD with my tips. No tips, no food. This should be called a SURVIVAL bill.

  26. $1000 ? , $1200 ?, $500 ?, $600 ?, you senators and reporters need to make up your mind what it is. Nothing has passed the House yet so who the hell knows what the actually amount to people will be!

  27. The Democrats putting the unemployment check at 600 a week is ridiculous! Give me 600 dollars a week for 4 months?! Ain't no one not working going to go back to work. Basically Democrats putting that in there to help unemployment get higher so they can use it against Trump. Disgraceful!

  28. This guy is out of touch how unemployment insurance works. If your called back to work and you do not go back, your dropped. If your looking for another job and get on, your previous employer just lost a trained, experienced person from coming back to work. This is meant to protect anyone who is laid off and protects the employer from loosing the employees they need to come back.

  29. Does anyone notice the $600 extra unemployment is the $15 an hour the Dems wanted for the idiots that voted them in

  30. Says the rich guy who shops online from Italy and China instead of American

  31. When you consider the alternative it is a stimulus.

  32. Providing financial aid is stimulus

  33. I call it a 2 trillion dollar bailout for a democratic HOAX with Republicans as a coconspirator

  34. forget the bill paying. It just gave these people food and freeze all billing

  35. Trumps staff gets paid for little results. how about incentives for performance.

  36. Immortal torium on bill paying no rent no credit card no phone bills no mortgage freeze all assets all you need is an EBT card for food now stay home for three weeks

  37. No money should go to white rich Mucky mucks

  38. You're giving people money with respect to it instead of $8 an hour they're going to get money that will show respect in the United States it's time to give back to the working class the dishwasher cityscapes digger

  39. That's paying people with respect people will always go back to work cuz it gives them a purpose the USA is finally giving back USA is finally giving back the money to the guy who dig the ditch

  40. The banks aren't collecting payments right now ? How can they ? This FOX is getting old! I like the way he just put that in..banks can't collect? People cna go to work ? Commercial mortgages are differed? Govt is cutting personal checks for personal also..this guy is a loser

  41. The extra $600 for unemployment is just for four months! How in the he’ll they gonna say folks are just gonna remain on unemployment forever? Make that make sense?

  42. There is limits on how long you can collect unemployment. You can't collect it indefinately. And those whose lost jobs, deserve to be fairly compensated before anything else is funded.

  43. Trump is giving this two more weeks and then it’s on I hope that’s true but I won’t hold my breath. I’ve been saying since the fake Russia hoax that he needs to arrest all these deep state criminals who despise him immediately. Has he done that? No he has not so God who also created all viruses and diseases is bringing his anger upon the earth because people are sinning. This is a wake up call and nothing to what is to come!

  44. People rent and mortgage is 1200! That's one month to pay ONE BILL! What about the next 3 months???? What about other Bill's due????? At&t and others will want there money when this is over!!!!!!!!

  45. FREE MONEY! …… The Nanny State is the answer after all ………FREE MONEY!
    Who cares about a culture of dependency – FREE MONEY! We're getting lots of FREE MONEY!
    Go away, conservatives, Trump is giving us FDR-style Big Government and FREE MONEY!
    FREE MONEY! Just look at all that FREE MONEY! Forget working for it, now we get FREE MONEY!

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