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Student Arrested After Refusing To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance

Student Arrested After Refusing To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance

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The student was arrested and charged. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Read more here: https://news.yahoo.com/florida-student-faces-misdemeanor-charges-235526210.html

“An 11-year-old student in Florida is facing charges after refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and creating a disturbance in the classroom, police said.

The boy was arrested for causing a disruption and refusing repeated instructions from school staff and law enforcement, Polk County Public Schools spokesperson Kyle Kennedy said in a statement. He was not arrested for refusing to participate in the pledge – even though students have the right to do so by Florida law and district policy.

The sixth-grader from a Tampa suburb allegedly told his substitute teacher the flag is ‘racist’ and the national anthem is offensive to black people, Bay News 9 reported, citing a statement the teacher gave the district.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. "I consider flags to be symbols and i leave symbols to the symbol-minded" – George Carlin.

  2. Another uninformed person in a place of authority. If republicans keep treating youth this way the GOP wont have any members in 20 years. They treat terrorists with the same misguided techniques. Hows that working out.. .lol

  3. More fake news from TYT.

  4. Teacher should be fired!!!

  5. Love it. But just preaing for own church. I won't spent goog money for this. Pay for revution? Oké but this is talk talk talk.

  6. "OUR KIDS" come on man, stop playing

  7. The teacher was in the wrong. This child is a strong child to stand up for his or her beliefs. Provided the child is not preventing the other children from choosing to stand or not stand.
    Police should never touch a person provided they are not being threatened physically are verbally by the person.
    In this case they should have arrest the teacher for wasting their time.

  8. I never stood up for the pledge. Its BS and full of shit

  9. Sue all of them,til the wheels fall of.

  10. This whole video is full of Bullcrap LIES. The kid was not arrested for not standing for the flag, it was because he made THREATS OF VIOLENCE against the teacher. When the principal and the school cop came to the classroom (because the kid was disruptive and the substitute teacher asked for assistance since the kid will not stop his unacceptable behavior, even making threats against other classmates), the boy continued defiant (not against the flag, but to follow the school rules). The cop decided to detain him after refusing to leave the classroom and continue making threats. It was solely the cop's decision to arrest him, not the school. By the way the substitute teacher was later fired. But you guys are twisting all the facts.

  11. This issue was already settled by the Supreme Court decades ago……….

  12. That’s the stupid teacher Don Jr was talking about. Lol

  13. The majority of Cubans in Florida are right wingers. Why do you think republicans always win Florida? The Cubans and the white country folk north of Florida.

  14. Well he'll be able to afford to go to private school with the money from the lawsuit.

  15. Why don't you guys say it, that immigrant could have gotten this kid shot and killed!!!!!!!!! This is what ADOS people deal with!!!!! Brown ws!!!!!!!!!! Some of these cubans are worst than white people!! Why are they cloaking for white racism!!!! They forgot how they got here, all of their criminology after the boat lift!!!! The nerve of her to say some shit like, why don't you go somewhere else if you don't like it here!!! How the hell does she think that she got here!!! ADOS built this country, the bones of our ancestors are buried here!!! This is our country!!!! ADOS made it possible for you to be here, you devil!!! Know your place!!!

  16. Teacher needs a civics lesson, as well as a pink slip. Pos.

  17. What about the world's stupidest cops?

  18. Oh, thanks & respect for that young man. Just so glad the title didn't start with the words, "A Florida Man… "

    When I was around 10 I was kicked out of a Sunday School class for sticked with both science and science fiction, refuting the ridiculous ideas presented to us that day.

    Never felt better in my life. I took off for the top floor roof garden to get a soda and play pickup basketball with a few older kids.

  19. free speech until it's speech folks don't like

  20. The problem is that it's acceptable. If most white ppl weren't racist they couldn't & wouldn't allow it to happen by ignoring, laughing, justifying, lying, playing stupid, excusing. Every person who doesn't make things better CONDONES this behavior. I'm so sick of the lying & minimizeing. I'm not in the mood to tiptoe around white ppl & their evil & hatred today. You're no better than the "real racists" who lynch blk ppl. Being a lil racist is the same as being a lil blk. What's your rule? 1drop of black blood makes you blk, right?😒 No exceptions! Racist is racist. Nothing's gonna change. We'll see this & worse tomorrow. You're gonna do what you do best. A bunch of nothing.

  21. I’m Canadian and have always had great affection for our American neighbors. We have always had an exceptional relationship. But since Trump I see a country disinigrating into madness with no will to solve problems and returning to racial attitudes of the previous century. You have a Russian asset humiliating the country in the eyes of the world, and enjoying the reality show that America has become. I can only hope that greater minds prevail and end this downward spiral.

  22. It is a student right to refuse to stand for pledge of allegiance. It goes back in 1940s, when courts allowed Jehovah Witness student not to pledge.

  23. The police systems are a global problem !

  24. As always the police are the problem !

  25. The true Nazi face of the USA ! Lol

  26. Cenk, you stated (near the end of the video) "This is UN-American". Are you sure about that? America wasn't built for indigenous and so-called blacks (aka African-American). We continue to perpetuate the false narrative that this country was built from and around GREATNESS. It was built from murder, rape, sodomy, theft, deception, etc.. That's synonymous with me breaking into a non melanated family's home and killing everyone inside (while my family stands outside and watch) and then bring my family into THEIR new home to live and prosper. Let's not forget, I then teach my family morals. America is working the way it was intended to work. A lot of people (who CAN think for themselves) are waking up to this truth. Have you ever noticed how these things don't happen to other cultures…..SEE, America does work (for the wicked and their descendants that stole it). I know, a lot will say that they had nothing to do with the past but there is undeniable evidence that they are benefitting from it. No one (even other cultures that migrate here) cares about us (melanated and loving people).

  27. A lawsuit definitely coming…and the cops definitely need desk duty for awhile cause they’re really just dumb

  28. If you don't want to pledge you shouldn't have too, freedom of expression just like atheist don't have to do anything religious what's the difference if you don't believe in something you have that right, that's supposed to be one of your rights in this country so now more dumb shit like this I'm not real religious and don't pretend like some folks and if I don't want to praise or stand for something guess what I'm NOT shouldn't have to stand for what someone else believes in should be able to stand for what you believe in

  29. Bitch she can go back to CUBA her self

  30. Elian Gonzales went back to Cuba. Ha!!!!!!

  31. If it's a Tampa suburb then it's NOT Tampa, you LIARS!!!

  32. Liberals seem to hate America but refuse to go to that place they will life better🤦🏽‍♂️

  33. No refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.

  34. If I was that kid. I would turn it around on that bitch, and say the teacher sexually assaulted me when the cops got there. "She touched my pee pee officers".

  35. I absolutely don't agree with arresting children but a child teacher standing up for there patriotism should not be dumped on either. Also where are the parents in this story like you guys said getting arrested sticks with you forever

  36. Cenk: Where are you going to go, Canada?
    Me: What's wrong with Canada?
    Cenk: That's more left wing.
    Me: Oh…okay, then.

  37. The teacher is from Cuba. Can she be deported? If you don't like the First Amendment, feel free to GTFO.

  38. Amerikkka the sick. But let's bomb the rest of the world to free it's people from oppression, while you are the MOST oppressed.

  39. Resisting an officer?🤣🤣 resisting against what getting his constitutional rights violated. Fkn nazi’s

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