Stunned Root in awe at 'phenomenal' Stokes innings

England captain Joe Root reflects on the incredible Test match by Ben Stokes that has kept his team in the Ashes contest and says the ‘never give up’ ethos will keep his side in good stead for the remaining two Test matches


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  1. It's a team game and it's about time some of the passengers in the team step up

  2. The tied test match at Brisbane more then 50 years ago was something special as well, but I think this finish was even more spectacular. In my whole life (I'm 73) I haven't seen anything nearly as spectacular as this innings by Ben Stokes. There are many great innings to remember, of course, but this test century under this kind of pressure takes it to another level. So for me, this was the greatest test innings of all time! Love you, Ben Stokes!

  3. Never write England off. We have the ability to achieve when the chips are down. Plenty of very good players with lots of talent and a couple of special ones to get us over the line. Come on England. The Ashes need to come home 👍🏏🏆

  4. Best thing about the whole interview is rooty saying we were not good enough for long parts, shows honesty and integrity as a captain. He needs to move to bat at 4. Bring in sam Curran for butler and Anderson for woakes and maybe ollie pope for Jason Roy who is without doubt one of the most explosive batsmen in odi cricket but sadly doesnt have the patience for test match batting

  5. Ben Stokes innings was awesome. What a cricketer I enjoyed his innings it was so fantastic to watch

  6. Ben is a better batsman than root

  7. Stokesy for sports personality?

  8. Magic guys ( no more words)

  9. roots in awe of anyone whose balls have ddropped

  10. As an Englishman I still can't help feeling that some of our batsman play with the mentality of a one day game and forget how to play in a test match. I'm in no way dismissing what happened in that match (I'm still celebrating) but they do go for a lot of balls that should be left clean alone.

  11. I am in awe of English cricket good luck since world cup.

  12. Congratulations ingland
    Congratulations Ben stoc

  13. Sir Ben Stokes he is a excelent all rounder in present in the world.

  14. I'm still buzzing. Fantastic!

  15. 8:22 , 10:40 , 14:52

  16. The last minute, Rooty just nailed it😂😂😂😂😂😂 "His handwriting is terrific, his language isn't great either😂" Oh my God, he finally got some words! Anyways, so many Congratulations to England and the star of match, the divine one #SirBenStokes ❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Can't praise them anymore on an Australian channel

  17. Excellent cricket and versatile batsman stokes

  18. If England want to perform in tests then don't make ben stokes the captain… It will hamper his performance

  19. Take the captaincy from Root. He hasn't been the same since he was Mae captain. Same with Cook and Flintoff. Let the lad concentrate on his game instead of dealing with everyone elses game

  20. I don't why umpires are always in favour of England.

  21. Root turned up to be fair with a great 70

  22. Jack leach is my hero. Coming in at 11, needing 73 more, against the best bowling attack in the cricket world, he stuck out 17 deliveries in that partnership, with his spectacles on as well. Believe me, it's so hard to bat with your specs on. We saw one of the best fielder in australian side , Nathan Lyon succumb to that pressure. It was so easy just to poke at a delivery, or play across the line . Jack leach

  23. Very poor umpiring and very poor use of DRS by Aussies. As a keeper Tim Paine should have assessed the LBW reviews better. DRS rate of success of Aussies only 10 percent. Bad cricket and Aussies choked

  24. How much time u win with the help of umpires

  25. what does he think of the plumb lbw not seen by the umpire?,would've lost by a run..

  26. I still feel, Root is far better batsman when he plays as pure batsman rather than being the captain. People like Butler, stokes deserve captaincy. No offence to ROOT, but just for his betterment, he needs to focus alot more on batting!

  27. Ben Stokes is the next Ian Botham. Thumbs up if you agree.

  28. Ben Stokes is best stroke in the game

  29. This is "real cricket". This is "test cricket"

  30. Man of the match :12 th bats man umpire

  31. Joe still stunned his emotions come out

  32. Ben Stokes is most loved cricketer in these days

  33. Umpire decision aus loss the match

  34. Incredible innings by Ben. He has nerves of steel.

  35. Root is stunned and awe and emotionally drained after this test match and will take 3-4 days to sink in.

  36. Mind boggling game . Stokes is a freak . Had loved each moment of the game

  37. Darren sammy better all rounder

  38. And people still don't believe he's the best all rounder in the world😒

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