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Sudan civilians say military has lost their trust after violence

A diplomatic flurry to build bridges between Sudan’s Transitional Military Council and protesters is facing many obstacles.
The army insists on having a bigger say in a proposed transitional council to form a government, a condition rejected by civilian leaders.
They say Sudan’s military has lost the trust of the people after its violent crackdown on demonstrators.
Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra reports.

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  1. Everyone coul SEE IT coming, but the SUDANESES themselves
    This hemetti is the ssissi of Egypt,
    He has KILLED TENS of THOUSANDS in the north and WILL QUASH any UPRISING by murdering other THOUSANDS, since hemetti received 2 billion dollars from bin ssalman,
    Is there NOT a lesson to be LEARNT!

    RID YOURSELVES of such DANGEROUS individual before he SEIZES any further POWER
    and WIPES out the WHOLE COUNTRY
    he is but another pony from bin ssalman, they need him to be IN POWER FOR GOOD to serve the zzionists interests, another "man of israell"
    A Chávez

  2. What the army is doing is inhuman how can they subject the civilians to such atrocities

  3. When mobs call for democracy, You get nothing but a civil war

  4. When the people catch him they will gut him like a pig

  5. The Muslam  world will never work out for human civilation , death is the only thing that comes from it .

  6. Aljazeera at it again… Just instigating another fall of a Muslim nation?!

  7. Why don't I see any white people in Sudan?

  8. Cia, mossad and western powers… good work… keep it up…. but in near future..get ready for the same consequences…

  9. Just to be fair he Just another brutal dictator want to get super rich! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  10. What ever you do please do not end up like Iraq,syria,libya and afghanistan Im Just sick and tired of watching Muslim countries fighting eachother.

  11. 2:52 Doesn't bother to take off his sunglasses inside.

  12. Guarantee the (((West))) wants to remove the military and then hand over the ropes to terrorists just like they did in Libya and what they tried to do in Syria

  13. The dictator around the word is especially in Arab countries they never give up power to civilian elected by people who works for the people , but they all puppets of foreign powers, the citizens of every country they have to free themselves from this rats

  14. Saudis and emirates gangs wants to destroy sudan like what they did to Somalia Syria Libya and iraq

  15. Animals killing your own people

  16. This people are killing the own , rule with a iron 👊 dictator ship

  17. muslims= the most dangerous race of humans on the planet.they pervert the koran and only love death.

  18. This is the best argument for having a well armed populace and a Second Amendment! 😁👍🇺🇸

  19. U going force in the region blow up USA there are responsible

  20. Look at that a new military dictator in the making

  21. Hopefully they find Commander Mohamed with his limbs chopped off

  22. Love to Sudan ❤️

  23. LOL only in Africa do civilians "lose trust" when their
    own military start slaughtering them.
    Just look at the corrupt generals : those disgusting faces.
    How could anyone have ever invested any trust in them ?
    In Egypt the military are the heroes of the nation : even though they are living
    under a dictatorship. You'll never fathom the Africans.

  24. Bin Zaid of UAE, not just Abu Dhabi, ALL of UAE is responsible for Bin Zaid Snake face.

  25. Military is a last hope for every Civilians of every
    nations…… Love for Sudan…. From Bangladesh…🇧🇩🇧🇩

  26. Don't these clowns know that they were on the USA list of countries to over throw???

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