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Supervolcanoes 101 | National Geographic

What are supervolcanoes, and how catastrophic can they be? Learn how supervolcanoes form, where supervolcanoes are located, and how their destructive capabilities can make way for new life.
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Supervolcanoes 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Supervolcanoes have created unparalleled natural beauty, all in the wake of some of the world's most cataclysmic events. What intrigues you the most about these volcanoes?

  2. A boca dos vulcões feroz …ainda há muitos que não deixam de ter os seus tempos exuberantes e com lavas vivas …a beleza e o horror de mãos dadas!!

  3. Its not 'Toe paa' its 'Taw po' -someone whos been to lake taupo

  4. Get the pronunciation on Taupō correct you fools

  5. I'm from NZ and you say Taupo like toepu

  6. 20 super volcanoes plus akainu = 21

  7. Hey national geographic,make a video Uranus 101

  8. What is the name of that rock carving at 2:17 ? Anybody please share with me, it looks amazing

  9. The way you pronounced Taupo tho… Wrong!

  10. Can Nat Geo team make such a short ,concise and elaborative video on Blackholes!

  11. Meal ballot scholarship sweep safe impression arrival very compound businessman need.

  12. It's so much nicer to watch a video with narration. Thank-you.

  13. "Is Mayon Volcano is the one of this!?"

  14. Nice mangling of the Māori word in the video 🙄

  15. So according to the map, the safest places to go are Russia, West Africa, Australia and Canada. And Maybe the east coast of the United States.

  16. Please define the colour of lava and magma

  17. Toba lake in indonesia then is at Resurgence phase?

  18. Why is your title named super volcanoes "101"

  19. Interesting and amazing facts about super volcanoes…very informative!!!

  20. 666 likes.. hm.. shady.

  21. So super volcanoes are Thanos?

  22. No amount of kryptonite is gonna slow them down

  23. Thank god there's no volcanoes spot in india except barren island.

  24. Errm. Campi Flegrei has bulged more than 60 feet in the last 40 years.

    This one will pop with in a few hundred year.

    I thoufght that Santorini waa the last Supervolcano Eruption, 9000 years ago.

  25. They know yellowstone is about to blow up

  26. So pretty much they're giant hot exploding pimples

  27. Maybe it's important to find a way to prevent a super vulcanoe from erupting and a method to neutralise the vulcanoe

  28. tephra ….got a new nickname for my puppy now

  29. Thanks you National Geographic for the information👍👍👍

  30. Eventually, Yellowstone will erupt once again but I doubt it will happen during my lifetime so I’m not worried.

  31. wow my suggestion got approved by Nat Geo Team, I have suggested to add voice as it was unable to cope up both with the Video and the Facts on display. Thanks a lot team.

  32. With calamity, comes beauty. With the recent wake of eruptions in key areas like Hawaii, Guatemala, and Indonesia, I hope everyone affected will stay strong. You will get through and survive this. Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

  33. Wow, New Zealand is very beautiful

  34. what will happen when we fall in it??

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