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Supreme Court Fails To Save Democracy

Supreme Court Fails To Save Democracy

SCOTUS doesn’t care about gerrymandering. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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“The Supreme Court ruled on its big partisan gerrymandering case — and the justices decided, essentially, to give the plaintiffs a do-over.

The justices unanimously agreed that the plaintiffs in Gill v. Whitford — 12 Wisconsin Democratic voters who sued to strike down the state legislature map, arguing it was gerrymandered against the party — failed to establish standing to bring their lawsuit. You can read the whole decision at this link.

The problem, the justices concluded, was that plaintiffs focused on proving the entire state map was gerrymandered against Democrats. Instead, they should have focused on proving whether their particular districts were gerrymandered.

But rather simply dismissing the case, as is the norm when the Court finds a lack of standing, seven of the nine justices ruled that it should be sent back for reargument before the district court — essentially, giving plaintiffs another shot at establishing standing, now that the Court has laid out more guidance on how to do so.

“This is not the usual case,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the opinion. “It concerns an unsettled kind of claim this Court has not agreed upon, the contours and justiciability of which are unresolved.” So, he wrote, “we decline to direct dismissal.” (Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch dissented from this part of the ruling, arguing that the case should simply be dismissed.)

For anti-gerrymandering activists, the ruling is a mixed bag. The Court declined to establish a sweeping new legal standard restricting partisan gerrymandering in statewide maps. Furthermore, even all of the Court’s liberals agreed that the plaintiffs had failed to establish standing with these arguments.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Standing is make believe

  2. You didn't explain standing very well, Cenk.

    Roe v wade
    sanctuary cities
    Union dues
    Brown v Board of eduction
    Subpoena of POTUS
    Nullify the 9th circuit
    fake news
    Muslims as congressman
    Stand for the national anthem
    Confederate symbols
    prison reform
    Multi gender bathrooms
    Test for POTUS
    POTUS must enforce the laws or impeachment
    Shooting COPS
    Weaponizing the DOJ

  4. This is a practice democrats have used as well as republicans for decades. TYT seem to not really care about what is being done, only who’s doing it. It was a unanimous decision. That means the ultra liberal judges also voted against hearing the case.

  5. You are some of the most totalitarian people in the west, somehow when you say "the other people are against democracy" I'm gonna assume that they are for it, and you have just redefined democracy to mean totalitarian regime with you at the head of it.

  6. What about the Massachusetts case? The exact same thing?

  7. Hey Cenk… I know that TYT has an audio network.

  8. I'm starting to develop an intense hate towards the ads in the beginning. I don't mind the ads, I just mind hearing the same one over and over and over and over etc.

  9. Why not argue on behalf of republicans that the 80% democratic district isn't right?

  10. If you support republicanism, don't complain about a lack of democracy.

  11. Why the hell is gerrymandering legal in the first place? All it's ever been used for is to disenfranchise voters.

  12. Our whole gov is corrupt, and stupid

  13. This is a very clear sign that the Drumpf will WIN reelection in 2020 over Tulsi Gabbard and the DEMS are going to go extinct!

  14. Iowa uses computers to draw congressional districts. You dont see the crazy lines defining the districts in Iowa.

  15. Partisan gerrymandering explains why Paul Ryan got elected. There's no other possible explanation for that guy.

  16. The Republican administrations have loaded conservative tools onto the Supreme Court just to support their agenda in situations like this. No surprise here.

  17. Cenk Impression: "Wah Wah, my party that I still cling to even though I announced on air that I'd destroy it didn't get their way! Wah Wah!"

  18. Weird. So Wisconsin is gerrymandered, but they have a Republican governor and voted for Trump. Maybe the state is just Red??

  19. Of course Gorsuch is super pro-corruption. His mom was such a corrupt republican that other republicans forced her to resign from the EPA in the 80s. Like mother like son.

  20. "women are genetically flawed"-Cenk Uygur

  21. Challenging individual districts doesn't help create a fair vote share to seat share composition of legislative bodies.

  22. Pretty much the only way Republicans win IS by cheating. Hence: Gerrymandering. Bullies that most are, they don't play fair. They're working diligently to throw voting rights back to pre-Civil War levels; they're working to decimate the Latino population; and these strategies are done because they do NOT have the majority numbers in terms of support. The party of 1950s "values" where only white well-paid adult males have rights–including the "right" to tell everyone else how to live–they ARE a minority. And this Supreme Court will likely allot them the power to control the majority.

  23. The "Standing" argument is a crock of shit. And the justices know this. Women, standing together, to challenge Walmart's policies–regarding female management percentages–were told THEY had no standing. We're watching our nation turn into the Fourth Reich right before our eyes.

  24. Start a new case, and get it right. Strike down any gerrymandering.

  25. So corrupt it's actually funny. I honestly can't believe this is a problem.

  26. TYT unhappy,
    makes me happy.

  27. As usual, these two DO NOT understand the issue. There are states where democrats only have a majority in 15% of the districts but they want to have half of the reps be democrats. That is not how it works. If democrats only have a majority in 5 out of 20 districts, they only 5 of 20 reps should be democrats. This is an issue in Pennsylvania. Democrats only live around Pittsburgh and Philadelphia but think they should have representation by reps hundred of miles away, in districts where there are virtually no Dems. Just like the electoral college, the voting system is too complex for most socialists and communists to understand.

  28. Chunk Yogurt is an Armenian genocide denier

  29. I love it when you guys cry 🙂

  30. Welp, looks like we have even more solid evidence that the USA isn't a democracy.

  31. Wish we could recall Supreme Court Justices.

  32. So… we got a member of ISIS in the Supreme Court? Cause that's what it sounds like.

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