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Surface Pro (2017) Review

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  1. I'm going for the 2017 m3 model. Still very fast and the battery lasts longer.

  2. my battery has been on a hundred for a 1/2 so far off charge

  3. Review: man why isn’t this thing more CHEAPER?!!
    meanwhile Apple laptops are like $1k and above

  4. slaps surface pro (lightly)

    this bad boy only cost me 799 with the platinum key board currently on special offer at amazon!

  5. Dear Sir, Please help me with a situation. I am a teacher taking classes for CA students. I want to purchase a writing device which can be seemlessly connected to a projector or TV in a wireless or wired network mode. What should I purchase? Should I buy Apple iPad pro, Microsoft surface pro 2017 or some touchscreen laptop like hp pavilion x360 or lenovo yoga 530/730 or an even higher configured device ? Which device will have best writing experience? Which pen will have least lag or latency? What else should I consider? Please reply. Thanks and regards. 🙏

  6. This is surface pro 5 right?

  7. A review cannot be taken seriously in a 4 min soundbite, that's called an infomercial

  8. Lesser experience. You people are obviously paid off or have you head in the sand. Compare the surface of which I have in tablet mode to an iPad and tell me the iPad doesn't wipe the floor with the surface.

  9. This or a gaming laptop;?

  10. Can the fuckin Microsoft solve the problem of light leaking?!

  11. Surface pro vs. macbook?? Help

  12. it doesn't meant to be best seller it meant to drive oem to make copy of it

  13. you can save $250 by buying it from amazon

  14. So, I'm thinking about getting this, I would use it as a primary pc, so things like netflix, photoshop and the regular, and also I'm on a tight budget. Should I go for the m3 + keyboard costing £674 or the i5 with 4gb ram costing £773 + keyboard? Any advice will greatly be appreciated?

  15. Great review! But you should really wear a t shirt next time my man

  16. I have a galaxy note 12.2 pro, would this be a good upgrade?

  17. The fact that they sell the computer pad and the stylus separate is definitely a Major setback for a lot of potential buyers.

  18. Is it also a high grade gaming console ?

  19. So how does it compare to chromebook pro?? Kind of curious is better than it. Are they hand by hand. Is it worse?

  20. but after years of use will die and u can't use it like tablet like wacome mobile studio

  21. I got one yesterday it's awesome

  22. I got one yesterday it's awesome

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