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T. Boone Pickens: Philanthropist, legendary oil tycoon dies at 91 | USA TODAY

Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens dies at 91.
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T. Boone Pickens joined other billionaires in signing a “giving pledge” in promising to donate a majority of his wealth to charity.

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  1. Pickens funded the Republican "swiftboatiing" campaign against John Kerry, a veteran decorated for his service, in order to diminish Kerry's service to our country and so the cowardly George W. Bush did not look bad in comparison. Thanks for giving us a war crimes president, T. Boone. I hope you rot in hell.

  2. He did great, it take courage and hard-work to stand up to corporate management on behalf of shareholders. Rest in perfect peace T. Boone Pickens.

  3. Here on behalf of Abraham H. Parnassus! He outlived Pickens!! Lol

  4. It's funny how philanthropic organizations are always backed by dirty money, like this guy, and the Sacklers.
    Slim Pickens.

  5. Nothing it's Saturday in USA today's production it looks like it was done by high school kids

  6. First Koch and now Pickens. Thank God for the Arrow of Time. Now if we could get a few more Elon Musks on the task of healing the planet.

  7. Perhaps now the maggots can be "picken" the meat off his "boones".

  8. Wow. The news that Bernie Sanders was leading all candidates in Texas just came out today and all ready people are dying just to avoid the upcoming estate taxes?


  9. I have no faith in humanity after viewing this comment section. A good man's legacy being ripped apart by some clearly uneducated individuals.

  10. Uhmmmm kayπŸ˜‘
    Those greedy oil people … causing nothing but pain in the world πŸ˜‘

  11. He was rich and is dead. I am broke and alive. I win.

  12. Imagine after a lifetime even your identity your past is not who you are, and now you're no one but a imaginary human being that had existed as?

  13. Are we supposed to be sad?

  14. how bad is your first name if you choose to go by T when the rest of your name is pretty screwed up?

  15. I don't care how much his narcissism inspired him to try and make his public image look good… good riddance. You fucked up the Earth for your precious money… and your family should carry the debt

  16. I bet he was as racist that hated blacks πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’


  18. The comment section is so full of rage, hate, and bigotry. All democrats for sure. It’s the reason I left the democrat plantation many years ago.

    TRUMP 2020.

  19. When people like this die it seems like someone worse takes their place. It’s hard to imagine who that will be.

  20. Why have the richies not figured out how to buy back their youth?

  21. Yeah, he was richer than anyone ever needs to be just because he owned some land with oil, but hey, at least he wrote a couple checks for charity, right?

  22. Fossil fuels are 100% organic. Oils are food. Food for microbes.

  23. What is wrong with people

  24. He looks like "The Smoking Man" from the X-Files.

  25. But what am I saying? Wicked man like him destroying this planet… If there is a Hell a man like him would be made a king.

  26. REST IN PEACE, T BOONE!!!πŸ˜”βš°πŸ’β€

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