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Tackling climate change: Where do we begin? | UpFront

In this week’s UpFront, we debate on the best strategy against climate change and highlight the role capitalism has played in the crisis.

In the Reality Check, we shed light on the United States’s military operations in Africa.

In a special interview, we speak with Bangladeshi photojournalist and human rights activist Shahidul Alam about the government allegations against him and why Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina views him as a threat.

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  1. you guys donโ€™t know what your talking about,if we stop burning fossil fuels the planet will get hotter faster because of what we call the DIMMING EFFECT.He should talk to Guy McPherson if they want the full truth.

  2. Capitalism will also have to play a role int in the solution. There is no other way to pay for the necessary changes. The women in the black must be unhinged to think 'climate change' has caused storms. There have always been storms. There have always been droughts. There is no way to put a figure on deaths due to climate change. For all we know there might be fewer deaths. This sudden urge to blame all natural disasters on climate change is intellectually dishonest but that's how the left roll.

  3. Just wow wow what a speech ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
    Thank you sir

  4. Thank you for bringing in Shahidul Alam , you guys are doing an amazing job! Real Journalists are beaten up here if they report anything which has anything against hasina and her party, they might even try to charge me down for this comment

  5. capitalism saturated long long ago it s globalism that s the real problem …….. and beside that nothing can be done to stop climate change

  6. It was obvious that he is very much anti-bangladesh and the government. He is into a negative campaign against govt very aggressively. He doesn't even see anything good about bd. He is saying this is the worst time even though it wasn't better before… and also look at his manner. a prominent educator and Harvard professor gohor Rizvi said that sahidul is his friend and he replies very boastfully that he doesn't define friend that way…. I was googling his profile and Mr.Gohor Rizvi's profile…. Gohor Rizvi also respected internationally but his audacity to put him down very shamelessly. I think this guy shahidul is very pessimistic and negative who doesn't believe in Bangladesh. In his visit foreign countries, He said he campaigned against the government and didn't get support from the international politician against Hasina and then he is thinking the international politics is not working properly… If the international politician supports him then it's working properly… This is how we can know… He is wrong… whatever he is doing against Bangladesh and the govt it brings our countries bad name but nothing…. It is obvious that he is into conspiracy… The Government of Bangladesh was right about him..

  7. What a noble & conscientious person he is !

  8. What a man Mr Shahidul Alam is! He truly deserves a Nobel in peace.

  9. what a man โคโคโค Shahidul Alam Sir


  11. That's true he spoke thousand minds

  12. Definition of Friendship has been cleared

  13. Hats off to him. By far the smartest man from Bangladesh to be interviewed on any foreign channel in this decade.

  14. USA is curse name me a country that benefited in anyway from America. I know Britain helped some county like Japan after ww2 in human right.

  15. 15:30 This man is a legend. I'd love to vote for him any day if he runs for parliament membership. The thing with Bangladesh is it's in a desperate need for more man like Shaidul Alam to speak up and form a new movement to topple the autocrats. Intellect and renowned persons like Mohammed Yunus, Shahidul Alam etc etc should come to terms and form a political party. With the young voters at its all time high, I don't see a reason why Bangladeshi people will make another mistake of electing BNP or AL in a free and fair election.

  16. I like this man. Hasina regime must set him free from all the accusations they have made against him.Though i don't support secular politics but i do support of being supportive to the oppressed people. Only Islamic laws can be the real solution for this unprecedented problem.

  17. Mr Rizvy is a big liar. Taking the franchise of the people, now this is how the Government spreading false statement around the world to recognize themselves.

  18. This is how the legends react on something! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ Shahidul Alam

  19. Thank you Shahidul Alam Sir..lots of respect ๐Ÿ’œ

  20. Shahidul Alam is a BRAVE man. Respect Sir.

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