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What Actually Happens When You Block Someone on Your iPhone

Photo: Shutterstock The iPhone has a built-in blocking feature, but have you ever wondered what exactly happens when you block someone? The short answer: you get fewer unwanted texts and calls, and the people you block are none the wiser. You can block contacts through any of the iPhone’s communication …

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Which Music Streaming Service Should You Use?

Photo: Leon Neal ( (Getty) There are tons of music streaming services you can pick from right now (including a brand-new HD service from Amazon). They work on whatever smartphone you own, usually support streaming to speakers through Airplay or Google Cast, and typically come with premium-tier plans that let you …

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Get Apple Arcade Two Days Early With the iOS 13 Beta

Sneaky Sasquatch is one of Apple Arcade’s launch games.Screenshot: Apple Apple’s premium game subscription, Apple Arcade, hits the App Store on Thursday, September 19. If you can’t bear to wait, though, I have good news. Apple Arcade hit the iOS 13 beta version App Store on Monday, so you can …

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This App Resurrects Clippy on MacOS

Image: Brendan Hesse Long before we were talking to AI assistants on smart devices, we had Clippy—the cheery, animated paperclip mascot of Microsoft Office, who’s definitely-not-at-all-annoying tips and contextual actions “helped” users navigate Word, Excel, and the rest of the Office suite. Clippy (whose full name is actually “Clippit”) wasn’t …

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See How AI Stereotypes You

Computers think they know who you are. Artificial intelligence algorithms can recognize objects from images, even faces. But we rarely get a peek under the hood of facial recognition algorithms. Now, with ImageNet Roulette, we can watch an AI jump to conclusions. Some of its guesses are funny, others…racist. Read …

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Find Your Next Favorite Podcast With Pod Search

Image: Getty My official way of finding new podcasts has always been simply asking my friends. For the most part, when I’ve been on the hunt a handful of conversations have led me to my next favorite thing. Most of my friends seem to have the same plan, which means …

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