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Make ‘Bubble Snakes’ With Your Kid

Screenshot: TheDadLab If you’re looking for simple science experiments and creative projects to do with your kid, you can’t go wrong with anything from Sergei Urban, aka TheDadLab. The experimenting father started posting clips of the activities he’d do with his two young sons, and parents kept wanting more. Now …

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Cure Your Picky Eater With These Food Hacks

Little kids are notoriously difficult creatures to feed. They gaze at their meals with a skeptical eye—“Um, why is this meatball lumpy? Is my pasta touching my peas? What? An orange carrot? That’s it, I’m done.” As a parent, you may have resorted to pleas, bribes or even threats to …

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How to Revert to YouTube’s ‘Classic’ Look

If you feel nostalgic for the way YouTube used to be, or at least how it used to look, it’s possible to go back. An extension called “YouTube Classic” for Firefox and Chrome allows you reskin the web video hub with a retro look shifts that reverts the site to …

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The Best iPad Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn’t Know About

If you work on an iPad with an external keyboard, you can take advantage of some of the same keyboard shortcuts that come on a Mac. The Sweet Setup lists good keyboard shortcuts that particularly matter to iPad users, including these less obvious ones: Press and hold the down arrow …

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Bricks were always going to win the Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans have been waiting for almost a decade to discover who will claim the Iron Throne. There have been many viable candidates, some still living and many dead, but the most recent episode introduced an unanticipated contender: The lowly brick. (Editor’s warning: GoT spoilers and fascinating historical …

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How to Deal When You Don’t Watch Game of Thrones

What’s-his-name gets ready for the Battle of WhateverPhoto: Helen Sloan/HBO One more episode of Game of Thrones left. A lot of people are gonna have some postpartum feelings. I’m going to feel relieved. I’ve spent eight years deciding not to watch our decade’s defining TV show. For a while I …

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