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Rosario Dawson’s family made our lives a living hell: suit

Rosario’s Dawson’s family has conducted a “systematic and malicious” campaign to deny a Manhattan couple a dirt-cheap apartment in the former East Village squat where the actress was raised, a lawsuit charges. Jeffrey Underwood and Amanda Davila allege the actress’ parents, Isabel and Gregory Dawson, “conspired to, by hook and …

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Why We Must Never Forget Kalief Browder’s Story.

Conservatives Think Roger Stone Was Treated Bad Because His Arrest Was Filmed. He Was Bailed Out Within Hours. Meanwhile Kalief Browder Was Denied Bail & Spent 3 Years In Rikers for NOT Stealing A Backpack. Francis Maxwell Breaks Down How Unfairly Those Less Fortunate Are Treated In Our Justice System. …

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My stubbornness got in the way of paying caddie

Matt Kuchar knew he had to make things right. After apologizing for how he handled paying a substitute caddie, Matt Kuchar expressed further regret Saturday over the way things went down. He eventually agreed to give caddie David Giral Oritz $50,000 after winning the Mayakoba Classic near Cancun in November …

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Democrats Threatening to Challenge AOC in Her Election!

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Luis Severino should just be start of Yankees locking up core

The atmosphere is right for the Yankees to — at minimum — consider more pre-free agent multi-year contracts, like the four-year, $40 million extension signed Friday with Luis Severino. Because: They went under the luxury tax in 2018. That reset, at the lowest penalties, the next time the Yankees go …

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