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What to Ask For When You’re Bumped From a Flight

Mile High WeekFlying the “friendly skies” is often hell, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s Mile High Week, and we’re investigating everything flight-related, from how to score cheap tickets to the best time to book, from how to fall asleep on a long-haul flight to how to win the …

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The best apps for festival season

Lose yourself in the music, but try not to lose your phone. (Krists Luhaers via Unsplash/) Heading out to a music festival is more like stepping into a battlefield than quietly sitting on a couch with your headphones on. But the difference between defeat and the time of your life …

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The best gadgets for using Amazon apps and services

If you’re looking for an affordable streaming device, Amazon’s 4K Fire TV Stick is quick to navigate and includes all the higher-end features to show off your fancy TV. For instance, it supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HDR10+ so the ‘80s colors in the latest season of Stranger Things will …

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What this 17th century astronomer can teach us about succeeding in the modern world

In <em><a href=”https://amzn.to/2k3u55U”>Range</a>,</em> David Epstein makes the case for generalists in a specialized world. (Deposit Photos/) The seventeenth century was approaching. The universe was one in which celestial bodies moved around the stationary Earth powered by individual spirits, ineffable planetary souls. Their spirits may have been driving, but the planets …

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How to remove your data from people-finder sites

Wow, would you look at all that information you don’t want on the internet. (Deposit Photos/) You may not realize this, but a lot of your personal information might be publicly available online to anyone who searches for you. This includes your name, age, address, phone number, email address, relationship …

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The best Prime Day deals for photographers

Amazon Prime Day savings on camera gear and other items you probably want (Adrian via Unsplash/) Photographers are notorious for lusting after gear and gadgets, which makes an event like Amazon’s annual Prime Day festivities extremely attractive. While there isn’t a ton of hardcore camera gear lurking in the lists …

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