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We're one step closer to tracking down another Earth

No place like home? Not if you scope out 33 sun-like stars. (Pixabay/) Astronomers have found more than 4,000 planets circling distant stars, yet none feel quite like home. Teegarden b is the right size, but it zips around its dim dwarf star in just five (Earth) days. Kepler-452 b …

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Innovative hand sanitizers to help you ward of sickness

You too could be this happy about hand sanitizer. (Anna Earl via Unsplash/) If you travel a lot, spend your days with kids, or are just very germ-averse, hand sanitizer makes it easy to stay relatively clean when you don’t have soap and warm water at hand. Still, convenience doesn’t …

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The best augmented reality toys to expand your view

Augmented reality toys to change how you see the world. (Daniel Frank via Unsplash/) Concern over screen time for kids is on the rise, but the mass, hypnotic appeal of Youtube videos like Babyshark is hard to escape. There is a middle of the road compromise for Luddite parents that …

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Devices that will elevate your watching to 4K Ultra Blu-Ray

The Sony Dolby Vision-enabled players provide more than just the ability to play 4K Blu-ray discs (which, yes, you do need a dedicated player for—they will not play on standard Blu-ray machines). They also provide a hub for an upgraded all-around entertainment system. The player improves contrast and color even …

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Become a portrait mode pro

A blurred background means a ton of likes. (Allef Vinicius via Unsplash/) Portrait mode photos are everywhere these days. Some shots look great, others… don’t. So if you want your pics to really stand out, there are certain techniques you need to know. Since it was introduced with the iPhone …

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