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How to Use a Slide Rule

Analog WeekJust because ‘there’s an app for that’ doesn’t mean you have to use it. This week we’re going analog, reminding ourselves that we can live—and live _well_ —without smartphones, and seeing what’s worth preserving from the time before we were all plugged in 24/7.   I’ve always felt a little …

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Everything you need to know about DIY sunscreen

You may be in for a surprise. (Suzanne Tucker/Shutterstock/) Using natural and organic products for skin care is increasingly popular—and that includes sunscreen. Many websites, including Pinterest and Instagram, feature users’ recipes for homemade sunscreens. Judging from the commentary, the surge in interest for homemade sunscreens is because some people …

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How to make an open office more quiet

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to focus on entering numbers into a spreadsheet, but Samantha is watching sports highlights without headphones, Monique is describing her bowel issues to her doctor, and Ted is just… grunting? (Deposit Photos/) The open office is the most popular workplace layout of the …

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How Parents Can Learn Common Core Math

Photo: Virojt Changyencham (Getty Images) If you have a kid in school, you’ve probably noticed that their math homework looks different than yours did an undisclosed number of years ago. And you may have moaned about it—“What’s with all the crazy steps? These equations took me seconds to answer in …

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This frankencopter could be Uber’s flying taxi of the future

Jaunt’s vision for an air taxi that could whisk four people and a pilot around cities. (Jaunt/) As Uber sees it, someday we might cruise around cities in small shareable electric aircraft. Yesterday and today, the ride-hailing company has been hosting a conference to discuss just that future, which Uber …

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