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The Amazon rainforest is burning, and humans are to blame

The Amazon blaze is so large, NASA satellites spotted it from space. Above, the agency captured several states within Brazil including Amazonas, Mato Grosso, and Rondônia. (NASA/) Dark skies over Sao Paulo this week were just a local hint of an unfolding global catastrophe centered in Brazil. This year, the …

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The best dash cams for your car—and why you need one

The 1080p Apeman dash cam is perfect for those wanting to capture video and photos of that road trip across the country… or that accident your insurance company is calling you about. This camera stretches 20 more degrees than the Rove cam, which is ideal for capturing every little detail …

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What to Do With an Almost-Empty Nutella Jar

Photo: Shutterstock Removing the last bit of sticky jam from a jar is usually a job for alcohol, but other, spreadable substances—such as Nutella and peanut butter—just don’t go into solution that well. The solution, obviously, is to swap one vice for another, and fill that almost-empty jar with ice …

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Extreme weather is making these spiders extra feisty

<em>Anelosimus studiosus</em> (Judy Gallagher/) Swirling wind moving at upwards of 100 miles per hour combined with pelting rains and crushing waves are going to disrupt an ecosystem at least a little. Tropical cyclones are, by their nature, devastating. So it makes sense that they’d force the ecosystems they pass through …

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Build the ultimate natural disaster survival kit

Because wouldn’t you prefer to be ready when this happens? (John Middelkoop on Unsplash/) This story was originally published by Outdoor Life. Natural disasters can feel totally out of our control. But there’s something that you can control to insulate your family from flooding, earthquakes, and hurricanes: You can get …

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