Tait smashes through 100mph barrier against Pakistan

Rewind to Australia’s T20 against Pakistan at the MCG in 2010, when Shaun Tait averaged 156.4km/h in a terrifying over, including one ball that was recorded at 160.7km/h


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  1. Jeff thomson was in his soul for this over xD

  2. The Pakistani batman is facing Tait perfectly….2 seconds late. This is awesome bowling. ❤

  3. Thommo and Marshall must have been doing 180km, just look how close the keeper is today compared to the old days. Must be some bullshit measuring.

  4. Am watched this match on Star sports 2010…up load full

  5. Didn't Brett Lee do this 20 years ago?

  6. 100mph is 160.934kmph, so he didn't even reach 100mph, let alone "smash through" it. Flippin quick, but still clickbait.

  7. Thank God he didn't bowl that many Yorkers or else batsmen would be batting with crutches. This guy was crazy fast.

  8. He jogs up and then bowls at 160

  9. Aussie speed gun though, so can’t trust it… Aussies are famous for BBQs, beer, sandpaper and dodgy speed guns!

    (Only joking. Just friendly banter. No need to spit your Fosters out).

  10. He knows how felt bowling this speed. It’s hurt

  11. Misleading title. Never quite made it to 100mph let alone smashes through it.

  12. Tait was great. Stanlake and Ahktar too! BUT –
    Tommo was in excess of 170kph. Maybe even 180!
    He was measured at the bat end at >160 in a legitimate CH9 speed comp.
    Nowadays they measure directly out of the hand.
    For an explanation, Put your hand out of a car just at 110kph. Its a lot of force which working backwards = deceleration.
    Therefore – 160+ kph (measured) + 22 yards of air drag on ball is well in excess of 100MPH. Thats fast!

  13. So you are saying at his peak he couldn't ball those kinda speeds and nearly at the end of his career he comes up outperforming himself. This is rigged I'm pretty sure.

  14. Quick but basically it was an over of total rubbish.

  15. no wicket though. he was a very expensive bowler too.

  16. "that's express" you don't say

  17. modern cricket needs now seriously quick bowlers above 155

  18. Thats not a 100 mph. 160.9 km/h is 100 mph. He missed it by.7 km/h
    Only Shoaib Akhter has crossed it.

  19. He just used to throw balls on batsmen. No accuracy.

  20. Yeah, 100mph sounds a lot better than 160kmh, doesn’t it?

  21. I was told there would be some smashing through of the 100mph barrier… 160.7kmh is not even 100mph, never mind a smashing through.

  22. His elbow is paying for all that pace though… smh

    Pretty sick still!!!

  23. I stopped watching cricket sometime ago. Are grounds this big nowadays? I remember that batsmen could run a 4 in Melbourne. After IPL I guess they cut everything by half.

  24. A grenade that fast would be Nuclear.

  25. A video about cricket with the sound of a whip in between 🙄🙄

  26. Fast but just fell short of the 100 mph (160.9 kmph) mark by a tiny margin.

  27. And pakistanis were as usual…SPEECHLESS

  28. Mostly Indians just trying to make fun of the batsman because he is a Pakistani player. Grow a spine people and stop being childish. Not saying all Indians but the people commenting know who they are.

  29. But Shoib Akhter did that almost 2 decades ago consistently at one point.How is this big news.Oh because it’s an Australian bowler.Thats why.

  30. Still cant beat Shoab Akhthar

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