Home / Travel / Taiwanese MASTER CHEF Cooks 9-Course Meal for $35 !!! AMAZING Gold-Medal Cuisine!!

Taiwanese MASTER CHEF Cooks 9-Course Meal for $35 !!! AMAZING Gold-Medal Cuisine!!

Taiwanese MASTER CHEF Cooks 9-Course Meal for $35 !!! AMAZING Gold-Medal Cuisine!!

Award Winning TAIWANESE MASTER CHEF Chen – Chiayi, Taiwan

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Join us in CHIAYI TAIWAN where we take a short break from street food to show you this city’s top fine dining reataurant: Water Bird and Wind Restaurant 水鳥和風創作料理

This restaurant focuses on Taiwanese and Japanese dishes. We had the opportunity to sample his regular menu which changes seasonally (8 courses) as well as his 2014 award-winning, gold medal (won in Malaysia) dish which never appears on the menu: Wild Berry Duck with Quinoa Beef Roll.

It was incredible to taste fresh and local Taiwanese ingredients blended creatively in dishes we’ve never tried before. Here is what Chef Chen made for this experience:

Sesame scallops with vegetables and fruit
Persimmon toast Cheese mullet roe with Asian pear Cheese & nut jelly
Sashimi platter (tuna, amberjack, red snapper, sweet shrimp
Roasted chicken toasted sandwich
Puffed rice with shrimp and shrimp with passion fruit yogurt
Steamed giant grouper with special sauce
Creative sushi dish (dry, aged mullet roe on rice and salmon rolls with spicy sauce)
Homemade chicken and scallop soup Chef Chen’s award-winning dish
Sakura mousse square and fruit

Huge thank you to Chef Chen for introducing us to his incredible menu and gold medal dish! And also a HUGE thank you to our friend Oliver for arranging this dinner for us!

Want to eat here too? Check the information below: 水鳥和風創作料理
No. 232 Xingye West Rd., West District, Chiayi City, Taiwan
Open daily: 11:30am – 2:30pm / 5:30pm – 9:30pm
Reservation recommended


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Taiwanese and Japanese Food in Chiayi, Taiwan 2019

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  1. WOW! What a meal! Chef Chen just blew us away. MORE videos from Southern Taiwan coming very soon! For more recent updates, follow us here : https://www.instagram.com/chopsticktravel & https://www.facebook.com/chopsticktravel


  3. Loved the videos ! Yes make make videos like ! The food looks awesome !

  4. This video was great! Very creative. Especially the soup with all.kind.of flowers!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lol when I saw the beginning I was like "am I watching master chef?" and then I saw the title and I was like duh this is called Taiwanese Master Chef. Cool video guys 💖😆✔

  6. Yum Yummy 👍👍 awesome food and attractive presentation !! Just I wanted to taste , Yummy 😍 Thank-you so much for sharing… Good host and a beautiful channel… Best Regards from Egypt 🌷

  7. 好吃 😋 I love how you go to non tourist spot in Taiwan and showing us all the delicious delicacy

  8. i cant believe it only costs 35$. It looks like a unique experience. And the chefs honesty, and love for food can be seen through his cuisine

  9. You have done it again great video. Gorgeous looking food. Such artistic looking plates. You got your moneys worth. Thanks

  10. The presentation was fantastic, and very edible, for $35.00.  You could not buy the appetizer for that here..   Peace..

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  12. Glad to see you two…..let’s get it going

  13. Wow the presentation was ridiculous! Fine dining suits you 😊😊 You both need to give my silly friends who live in Taiwan some pointers. As westerners in Taiwan they complain that the food isn't so good and from your videos I beg to differ haha Another excellent episode xox

  14. A very hands-on approach to a lavish spread of showmanship presentations and scenic view of glass partition of surrounding forest greenery. This was a complete blooming dining experience.👍👍👍

  15. I like you to introduce different foods in Taiwan.It looks so yummy.

  16. Luke where is the address ? I will go there, 9 course wow !!

  17. Pinch the shrimp tail… there's more meat inside!

  18. Perfectly Execute 👍

  19. OMG, Luke at least you give equal airtime at the beginning to Sabine Davidson. Good on you and Sabine even though she reminds me of the cat with the waving hand so ubiquitous in Chinese restaurant and she even nod her head towards the end in the same fashion. The central meal of duck and beef looks the best and I am wondering do you need to top up at the Golden Arches aka Maccas after your meal?

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