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Taiwanese Street Food in Kaohsiung – HAKKA NOODLE HEAVEN in Qishan + RURAL Street Food in Taiwan!!!

Taiwanese Street Food in Kaohsiung - HAKKA NOODLE HEAVEN in Qishan + RURAL Street Food in Taiwan!!!

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Our first time visiting Qishan (Kaohsiung) was a SUCCESS! There is so much good food and street food here, and also HAKKA cuisine which is very traditional in this region. We drive outside of Kaohsiung city using a scooter and drive about 1 hour to Qishan, a small Taiwanese town full of delicious food and things to do. We visit the Qishan Confucius Temple of Taiwan and eat local Indigenous Hakka cuisine in nearby village Meinong! Meinong District is known for its Hakka community and culture, and have their own dishes!

Want to eat here too? Check the info below:

Duck Soup (50 ntd / $1.62 usd) – 旗山郭家當歸鴨 Qishan Guojia Angelica Duck
No. 6 Zhongshan Rd., Qishan District, Kaohsiung City

Red Pork & Noodles (85 nth / $2.75 usd) – 旗山紅糟肉 Qishan Red Meat
No. 435 Yanping 1st Rd., Qishan District, Kaohsiung City

Qishan Confucius Temple (free entry)
Zhongzheng Rd., Qishan District, Kaohsiung City

Banana Cake (30 ntd / $0.97 usd) – 旗山香蕉蛋糕 Chimei Banana Cake Shop
No. 62 Zhongshan Rd., Qishan District, Kaohsiung City

Hakka Noodes (50 ntd / $1.62 usd) – 美濃林家粄條總店 Meinong Lin Family Ban Tiao Shop
No. 25 Meixing St., Meinong District, Kaohsiung City

Shaved Ice (35 ntd / $1.13 usd) – 陳媽媽客家米食(冬瓜糖剉冰)
No. 67 Sec. 1 Zhongshan Rd., Meinong District, Kaohsiung City

Meinong Lake – 美濃湖 (free)
Minquan Rd., Meinong District, Kaohsiung


More Taiwanese STREET FOOD coming soon (Tainan Street Food)! And after that, stay tuned for STREET FOOD videos in HONG KONG!

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Hey there, we’re Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson with www.chopsticktravel.com ! We’re on a journey to document the BEST Street Food around the world! Chopstick Travel started in Taiwan, where we frequent the best Street Food stands everywhere from Taipei to Kaohsiung. Not only do we feast on amazing street food in Taiwan, but our food focused travels take us on Street Food missions trying unique foods around the world! We’ve eaten Street Food in Philippines, Street Food in Japan, Street Food in Malaysia, Street Food in Korea, Street Food in India, Street Food in Turkey, Street Food in Italy, Street Food in Greece and many more! I post 2 times a week mostly food, some travel. Street Food tours around the world and the most unique dishes we can find in all kinds of hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Stay updated for my latest video VIA our Facebook page and Instagram! Always remember that the best part of travel is immersing yourself in the local culture, and no where better can you immerse yourself than into the Street Food!

Kaohsiung, Taiwan Street Food 2019

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  1. Thanks for watching guys! This video is sponsored by the Kaohsiung City Government! After this we will be on to our new European street food series!! Follow us on IG + FB for more details : https://www.instagram.com/chopsticktravel & https://www.facebook.com/chopsticktravel

  2. Luke and Sabrina, brilliant vistas and engaging conversation, especially Sabrina!😍 Great team methinks!

  3. nice ur already back in taiwan good food and you 2 look so cool in ur sunglasses

  4. There's a film about Hakka Mee

  5. That last wide noodle dish looked really interesting. Do you get special maps to help in navigate the roads? Must be very confusing with the language. Also do you have to have an International drivers license to be able to rent the scooter?

  6. Taiwan's ice and drinks can be ordered
    You can ask for half sugar or more fruit
    Taiwan pastries usually be add your own jam and cream
    I really like fried beef rice strips.Usually sold in hot fry restaurants
    Hakka is famous for thrift <客家菜包
    That is a kind of snack made with dried vegetables.also very healthy and delicious

  7. Loving your Taiwan videos. Do you and Sabrina have any plans on traveling to Africa and trying food there? When going to Europe, stop by Portugal and have some Francesihina.

  8. Thanks for sharing the Kaohsiung food video. For me the Hakka noodles looks yummy. Would like to give it a try when I go to Kaohsiung and Taipei later this year. Btw do we need to have international driving licence to rent a scooter there? Would like to rent a scooter and explore the place.Thank you and can’t wait to watch your next vlog. Take care! Cheers!

  9. Excellent video. That crispy pork looked amazing. Don't ever forget to reply to some of the comments as the bigger YouTubers do. I know you try to reply to as many as possible but some don't reply to any or even acknowledge posts. Well done you. Love your makeup by the way Sabrina.

  10. Luke and Sabrina, perhaps you should have a warning preface to ensure anyone viewing this video should have their meals first as those noodles are mouth watering and when watching it in the middle of the night whilst waiting for the field hockey streaming from Amsterdam, it is very cruel, with my stomach rumbling. LOL

  11. Looks like Everyone now is Craving for a Noodles 🍜🍜🍜 yum yum

  12. 半夜看….看起來太好吃了….

  13. My mother is a Hakka, for I know all Hakka people live in Meinong district which is next to Chishan, there are Minan people live in Chishan, each of them speak their own language that is very different.

  14. why you have give taiwan subtitle

  15. The subtitles are too distracting they’re so bigggg :((

  16. You two are awesome, much love from Toronto!

  17. Going to be a bit long winded. Sorry!
    I am virtually housebound due to illness, so you Tube is my main form of entertainment.
    I eagerly await your videos because of the pleasure I get from them.
    They are extremely well made with variety of composition that stops them, in my opinion, several cuts above the normal “look at me stuff my face with animal parts” videos! Even the ones with many more subscribers.
    You do not focus too much on stuff that grosses me out, like a lot of vloggers do. I fast forward those.
    You have a great balance of talk, scenery, explanations of the cooking process, etc, etc. . You also seem to be very aware of background noise and how it can ruin a video for many viewers.
    Where are you based?
    Loved that recent, to me at least, video you did from Canada. Lobsters had me drooling.
    Please keep on doing what you are doing and the way you do it.
    Thank you very much.
    Ps you both have big brass ones for driving a scooter there! An Abrams tank would be my preferred mode of travel!!

  18. Awesone vid as always..👍👍

  19. Awesome videos. You guys are one of my favorite YouTuber. BTW, I saw you guys at 迪化街 last summer, unfortunately didn't have a chance to go say hi, I was driving a car looking for parking space, lol.

  20. The hakka noodle is made by rice which is why the texture is different. That's very similar to Vietnamese Pho. Also, the ingredient on top of the noodle is not pickled winter melon, it's fried shallot actually.

  21. Do u happen to lnow anne of green gables. I think shes also from nova scotia

  22. Nice video & subtitle! But I hope you describe it with more passion, coz it’s kinda flat when you talking in the same tone. Sorry just my opinion & for my bad english 😅

  23. 廟旁有一家豬血湯,很好吃。

  24. Excellent video,always entertaining and worth watching, nice that the two of you share the spot light, shows alot of class, keep up the good work guys and stay healthy 🤗👍👍👍

  25. Another super, fantastic vdo. I love how you see and capture the true essence and beauty of the places you travel, its culture, people and food. I love Kaohsiung too. Great work, Luke and Sabrina! Travel well, stay happy, healthy and safe. Love you guys. Take care.

  26. One order of Red Yeast Pork and some Banana Bread. You can Fed.X it.. Please.. Liked this video nice area.. Peace..

  27. Nice vidéo! God damn does that pork good🤤

  28. Most interesting! Thanks. Never seen Hakkas in Taiwan. Am myself Hakka (UK).

  29. thank you for sharing this video , the hakka noodles looked great , very good drone footage btw

  30. 太好了,有中文,谢谢小哥哥 😜老喜欢😍你了呢 边旅游边吃美食,好羡慕😊啊😁 啥时来过大陆啊 好希望小哥去把全中国吃个遍😄

  31. Johor Bahru banana bread 😍😆 enjoy watching your video a lot 👍

  32. An exciting co-existing pair constitute an uniquely asian delicacy with simple,authentic taste buds. Kaoshiong is a beautiful city with majestic temple.The conclusion slot really impressive with a spectacular views.Love Sabrina -the way she depict the noodles.

  33. your video so plain and boring….just unsubscribed…..thumbs down….

  34. Wow that noodle shop have a lot of hungry customer. Nice drone shots too.

  35. Ohh anyway i went to rohe nigth market here in songshan taipei taiwan have you been here my friend

  36. Last video your in newbrunswick in canada..

  37. Hey bro #lukemartin you came back here in taiwan alright😁

  38. Thanks for the great video. When you are visiting South East China, Taiwan or South East Asia again, I would recommend going to a Hakka restaurant to try out the Niang Duo Fu (aka in Cantonese: Yong Tau Fu). It is also great to hear "herb" being pronounced with the H.

  39. Work the food looks fantastic there 😍 love that banana bread and the bakery items. Great video guys

  40. This dude is the Taiwan version of Mark Wiens

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