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Tana Mongeau Exposed For Fake Fight At Jake Paul Wedding?

Tana Mongeau Exposed For Fake Fight At Jake Paul Wedding?

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul wedding fight gets exposed. Pewdiepie’s court case is quietly settled. Plus – Etika is remembered in a touching tribute.
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It looks like Tana Mongeau, 21, is going to have to wait to celebrate her marriage to Jake Paul, 22, due to an unfortunate circumstance. The blonde beauty shared the news that she wasn’t able to join Jake on a flight to Europe for their honeymoon due to a “family emergency” in a series of continuing tweets on July 29, one day after their lavish wedding.

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Tana Mongeau Skips Start Of Honeymoon To Deal With ‘Family Emergency’ 1 Day After Jake Paul Wedding

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Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul ‘Fake Wedding Fight’ Exposed?

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  1. I liked Tana after the Shane Dawson series about Tanacon, I subscribed when she started dating the Justin Bieber look alike, I liked how she handled that breakup, I thought it was inspirational the way she told young girls that even though she loved and wanted to go back to him, that she couldn’t do it because she needed to respect herself. Then she started the Jake Paul situation and said that she had missed Jake the whole time she was with Brad and was honestly just looking for an escape from that relationship? But she said she almost went back to him in the breakup video? The whole Charade is getting kind of pathetic. Either it’s all for publicity which is sad… (They aren’t Royals, no one cares about a fake ceremony that much. It’s more cringey and entitled than anything) Or she really loves Jake and he’s just making a fool of her and putting a bad taste in everyone’s mouths. It just seems kind of sad all the way around it. Either way, I unsubscribed. None of it is my cup of tea.

  2. How did I know… 😂 if you rewatch the video no one gets hit . It’s just them pushing each other around and the angles of the camera … ahahah

  3. Oh no, we’d of never known the fight was faked at the fake wedding. Duh 🙄

  4. Ohh God seriously??? Fake fight????😂😂

  5. How come people are not talking about the guy on thread banger having a heart attack and living! He’s been on YouTube for 14 years someone needs to acknowledge that him and his wife are strong she literally saved his life!

  6. All Tana & Jake do is lie to their fans & supporters, its sick. My god all for attention.. How pathetic!!!

  7. So the plan was..
    1. introduce tana to Jake's fans
    2. Draw tanas viewers in
    3. Post bone a "wedding"
    4. Get faked engaged with tana knowing it.
    5. Make a poem to make the love more realistic bs
    6. Have wedding drama as always
    7. Get married for clout and content
    8. Have drama at the wedding
    9. Tana has a fake family emergency (maybe)don't have ig
    10. Jake and Logan go to ibeza for something else…….
    Messed up..

  8. I love seeing Ali here everyday, she’s he best

  9. OMG a fake fight during a "real" wedding 😂😂😅 Ps: I ain't a hater!

  10. Leave pewds alone and let him play Minecraft with Sven

  11. Finally throw the whole wedding away❗❗


  13. The wedding is faker than the fight

  14. It's everyday bro with Jake and Tana mangoue drama though

  15. Well no duh their whole relation ship is fake

  16. You guys just take what she says on her mtv vlog and act like its insider info…she said "I heard there is also going to be a fake fight." I swear hollywood life is sponsored by Jake Paul.

  17. Fake fight at a fake wedding👏

  18. Glad Marina is safe 🥰 Is that really how Tana’s name is pronounced “Mojo” ? 🤔

  19. I don’t rlly get Jana I can’t tell if it’s real ,fake idrk !! With jerika it was made official (in the end 😂). Jalissa was fake and they were never dating so they both claimed. But Jana however… we are left waiting…🤓🙅🏼‍♂️

  20. Road to 100mil 👊 Pewdiepie 👊 join the strongest army

  21. I caught that in the episode.. but was waiting for this to happen 😉😁😆😆

  22. She was getting exposed all around.

  23. I honestly dislike jake nd tana they do everything for clout😘😂

  24. I already said on the live stream the producers said* cue the fight cue the fight*.

  25. Talk about the fake pregnancy prank bc according to her reality show, they hadn’t slept together🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. Come on this 💩💩💩 is old already.

    Why keep giving this clueless bitch and her dumbass "husband" anymore airtime.

    Just let it go and let them fade away into infamy. These 2 and their entire crew, entourage or whatever you want to call them are all talentless hacks who are making a living off defrauding and scamming the public.

    Wake up people and realize these people don't deserve the attention or the fame. Make them get real jobs.

  27. I can’t wait until tana goes broke by 30

  28. The first indication that this marriage won't last

  29. Ya'll all on here fake Tana when really it's fake Jake the pauls are the real fake fucks that have millions of followers I don't get how people enjoy that fake content and it's not even entertaining Tana is fake at time what Youtuber isn't but for the most bitch keeps the content real, funny, and entertaining…..

  30. Aha I knew that wedding fight was fake !

  31. I'm giving those things about beauty con that are awful. So there is a YouTuber called Sierra schultzzie that is a plus size and very body positive so she and her pregnant friend went and were treated like garbage and they had footage of it so I would like Hollywood life to spill the tea about it and to know what happened to them go to Sierra's vlog channel it's called Sierra and Stephen IRL

  32. Anyone could have guessed that fight was faked

  33. Tana and Jake have hit an all time low.

  34. God bless you everyone

    Please can you help me reach 1k please God bless you

  35. that pink hairewd kid i know him his names Luke he goes to my old school FaithLutheran here in Las Vegas

  36. Another day of tana and jake IT MIGHT AS WELL BE THE CHANNELS NAME 😂😂😂😂

  37. Im sorry but everything about this couple is fake …

  38. when does tana not get exposed?

  39. Why is the headline not Jake Paul exposed. Seeing Jordan told her when they started walking down the aisle. Obviously jakes team planned it.

  40. The title should be "Tana Mongeau exposed for fake fight at fake wedding"

  41. James Charles kissed you like this to remove the kiss

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