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Tarte’s Foil Finger Pocket Palettes Let You Do Eye Makeup Without Brushes

Using your fingers to apply makeup is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, we condone slathering on foundation with your hands and taking a finger-painting approach to your eye makeup. The latter just got even easier with Tarte’s brand-new Foil Finger Pocket Palettes.

The shadows in the tiny three-pan kit are formulated specifically for brush-free use. That’s right — the beloved beauty brand wants you to dip your fingers into the creamy pigments. By pressing them onto your lids instead of sweeping them on with a brush, you’ll ensure the most intense pigmentation on your lids, as well as a foil-like finish, with one swipe. If you prefer a more subtle shimmer, you can easily sheer the shadows out with the pad of your pointer finger, too.

The pan on the right of the palette is filled with a glitter topper. Its gel-like consistency helps the flecks cling to your lids without the need for glue. The palette comes in three different color options, but the glitter in the Milky Way one is my personal favorite. It looks white in the palette, but it looks gold, bronze, and rose gold when the light hits it. Imagine being able to capture the glow of golden hour on your eyes — that’s what it looks like. The burgundy and gold foils that accompany it in the palette just amplify this dreamy vibe.

If you’re more into cool tones right now, I recommend checking out Lunar for its icy taupe, mirror-like silver, and cobalt glitter. Bahamas, on the other hand, has the most neutral shade range with copper, champagne, and bronze glitter.

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No matter which looks or shade range you prefer, the portable size of the palette makes it great for traveling and those always on the go.

The palette joins Tarte’s Sea collection, meaning it’s spiked with line-smoothing marine plant extracts and you can find it in the clean section at Sephora. The line also includes the H2O Gloss. Its shade range also just expanded with seven new hues, including Salt Lyfe. For those unfamiliar, the mauve color is the best-selling shade of Tarte’s Color Splash Lipstick.

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