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Tati Cries & Begs James Charles Fans To Stop Bullying After Bye Sister Video Goes Viral

Tati Cries & Begs James Charles Fans To Stop Bullying After Bye Sister Video Goes Viral

Tati cries & begs fans to stop bullying James Charles after her ‘Bye Sister’ video went viral.
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Tati Westbrook, 37, is waiving the white flag in her ongoing feud with James Charles, 19. The beauty guru released an emotional video, titled “Why I did it…” on May 16 (which she filmed the day prior), where she called a truce with her former mentee. In the 18-minute video, which explains why she called out James in the first place, Tati admits that she does not hate James. Tati also claims that her words have been misconstrued in stories reporting the situation. Watch the full video, below.

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Tati Westbrook Cries In New Video Begging Fans To Stop Bullying James Charles

Starring Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta

Written & Edited By Nicolas Gonzalez @nictack

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Tati Cries & Begs James Charles Fans To Stop Bullying Him In New Video


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  1. She was the bully that created the hate…He should sue her for Defamtion

  2. Watching these you tubers and all their drama reminds me of high school.

  3. Lmao I don't even know exactly what's real or not and didn't even listen to her I walked through the room as she was "crying" and knew instantly that she's "acting". Not that well mind you but still acting. Lol have a good day everyone

  4. I will sound a lil bit rude but she deserves it tho. She bullied a 19 year old while she is almost 40.And she has no fucking proof. The beauty community is so toxic. Jesus Christ

  5. Why is this girl's Boob's so big ugh.

  6. Tati is probably crying now and begging people to stop bullying her over James Charles “no more lies” video.

  7. And she is supposed to be a grownup….. just sad. I really hope some day she experiences the whole world turning against her, and I hope it destroys her mentally. Perhaps then she will know how it feels.

  8. I Forgot the High school's Name ??? Lol…Wow !!

  9. "I don´t hate him,I love him,letś move on…" Tati after James brought receipts and she did not

  10. Tati.. dry your fake tears..

  11. All James Charles fans are saying that Tati is a snake, this and that but have you ever watched a few videos from her NOT about the drama? Well obviously you didin't because she almost never end up in a drama and always has been the sweetesg in her videos. Y'all are just two-faced and following the bandwagon. Either way why would she try to destroy James's career if she was the one who helped that channel to grow, promoted it, gave him advice and stuff like that. It's not the beauty community beeing toxic but the fans are.

  12. Whys she picking on kids anyways shes a grown woman for fuck sake hes only 19 I did loads of dumb shit when I was 19 if I had his money and fame probably makes a few mistakes as well

  13. Jokes on you I don’t know who Tati or James Charles is 😂

  14. Ma’am, if you woulda just talked to him privately this wouldn’t have happened-

  15. Honestly at this point I don’t even think there “fans” because until someone ruins James they leave him but once he shares his POV and they think he’s right that’s when they wanna go back to him

  16. i truly believe tatti feel sorry, she is sorry that people outside of beauty community caught up with her shit.
    everyone, she done this before, and the beauty community bury it, the youtuber kiki chanel was her first victim.
    the whole crying ig story, let the smear rumour run wild, then sever up "calling out" video, she done it before. it's her MO.
    and the beauty community drama channels are extremely bias, especially when it's about tatti.
    none of the thing she brought up been checked for.
    if james charles wasn't so visible, he would have been buried too.

  17. Here’s the thing, Tati started all this drama! She made a video in the most inappropriate way by doing her hair and makeup, fixing the lighting, setting up a camera, James did none of that. He came to us as he is: a teenage boy! James is the real one here. Tati was just out to get him from the start.

  18. I unsubscribed from Tati a long time ago over a much more minor drama over her review of The Emily Edit palettes. No matter how much someone begs you to play tug of war (unless it's a dog), just leave it alone. I've noticed that YouTube has their Community Guidelines pop up on every video I watch, probably because I watch a lot of zero drama beauty channels. This happening to anyone else?

  19. She started all of this. Tati is so terrible

  20. Why aren’t you making a new video on James Charles respond?


  22. why is she making a video that destroys his name and then asks for people to stop bullying him? like wtf?

  23. Maybe she shouldn't have lied so much. She started this and now crying about it?! Lmao

  24. For Tati Westbrook to publicly TRASH James Charles like that and then say she did not intend for him to get the hate that he's getting would be like David Eason saying that when he shot their dog Nugget in the head he didn't intend to kill it! I think Tati's next move should be to either check herself into REHAB or check herself into a MENTAL HEALTH CLINIC or perhaps enroll in an acting class to learn how to cry on camera, instead of wiping away tears that is not actually there!

  25. Am I the only one who don't get a thing and just watch all the video's ????

  26. Tati knew what she was doing
    Keep those fake ass backstabbing tears for yourself

  27. Thanks for your video. I hope James can heal from the worldwide bullying caused by Tatis video. Let’s all have a bit of #mentalhealthawareness

  28. Fuck her love…no one wants it


  30. You know if tati couldn't take the heat then maybe she shouldn't have uploaded "bye sister" in the first place

  31. did you know that in james apology video, he mentioned that he wish he didn't do it publicly? he should've apologise and do better but hes response is he wish he didnt do it publicly

  32. Okay she's the one that made people bully him and know she wan't them to stop. No sis you spilt all the FAKE cough cough TEA, you made people bully hime because of your 'Bye Sister' video I don't get people

  33. Guys i dont know the story and i dont know anything about what happend and who these people are , i just came bec the record of losing 3 mil subs , also fuck u james u gay ass nigga and fuck tati too

  34. what did she expect 2 happen🤦🏽‍♀️

  35. You are a BULLY TATI
    he isn't even 21 you are the adult. BULLY!!!!

  36. Look at tati sub count and james Charles sub count in comparison tati is cancelled BYE TATIANA!! And whatch james Charles video that says no more lies and JEFFREY star is cancelled also BYE JEFFREY

  37. He’s clearly sociopathic, his apology video was un genuine , all the hate won’t effect someone who is emotionally incapable of caring. Why do the public like so many foul people like him. How fake is his smiles in that video with Tati 🤢

  38. Rename that title to: Tati trying to damage control her exaggerated lies.

  39. there are other ways she could do to help him & patch things up between them. I mean, she knew how chaotic social media is, specialy nowadays, its sick. damage has been done so- what now tati?

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