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Taylor Swift Shows Massive Back Tattoo & Releases ’You Need To Calm Down’

Taylor Swift Shows Massive Back Tattoo & Releases ’You Need To Calm Down’

Taylor Swift finally reveals her new album, ‘Lover’, with a full-on back tattoo. Ariana Grande might be the next catfish co-host. Plus – we have a shocking update about B.I. and his alleged drug use.

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This week went pretty well for Taylor Swift (and her fans). On April 13, the singer, 29, started a cryptic countdown to April 26, which basically meant that every Swiftie on the planet was freaking out immensely over the past week. Ahead of Friday, though, Taylor was incredibly active on Instagram, sharing plenty of pastel pics that we now know were close-up shots from the music video for her lead single “ME!” Her strategic social media strategy and active postings are what earned her the title of Instagram Queen of the Week!’

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Taylor Swift Shows Massive Back Tattoo & Releases ’You Need To Calm Down’


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  1. Do you think Taylor’s tat is real?

  2. I don’t think the tat is real but it is a good statement symbol for the next step for her. Thank you for letting this be a Kardashian’s free moment!

  3. Who give af if he off cid and reefer

  4. Ali take it from me, that woman that says all that about BI does that for attention. She is selling illegal drugs but the people who “almost”/never did buy the drugs get all the bad stuff. She has done all kinds of stuff to bring others down involving big Kpop boy groups like BigBang, EXO, BTS, Ikon. And much more. If this doesn’t tell you something you need to read more on her crazy self.

  5. Kpop artist has a muscles

  6. I like her new song 🔥🔥🔥 and the tat looks cool.

  7. didn't taylor said in an interview years ago that she would never get a permanent tattoo coz she doesn't want to commit to having something etched on her skin?

  8. It’s fake buddy’s calm your toes

  9. it would be totally awesome if the tattoo was real just the transition from snake to butterfly is not very well done

  10. Always kpop … pisses me off

  11. dont you guys worry, the tattoo is not real its just a visual effect

  12. i only watched this vid bec of TAY finding out more abt her tattoo

  13. I don't care 💁‍♀️

  14. trrrrrrr 😂😂 calm down

  15. I do not think it's real. It's probably the wash off or stick on kind. LOL! (◕‿◕✿)

  16. She said she dosnt want a tattoo because she didn’t want to have something permanent

  17. It doesn't even look like her😂 i thought it was just a model

  18. 1. The tat is not real.
    2. Taylor's themes are becoming more and more gay. I'm guessing she's trying to tell us something…maybe she's gay? That would confirm the suspicions I've had about her for YEARS now. And yes Taylor…it's us…it's not you!

  19. Like Taylor Cause She's Tall.. Other Than That.. She Could Keep It Moving.. I Think Khloe Kardashian Looks Way Hotter.. lol

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