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Teacher Battling Cancer Has Heartbreaking Story

Teacher Battling Cancer Has Heartbreaking Story

A California teacher who is battling cancer is being forced to pay for her own substitute. Cenk Uygur, Ramesh Srinivasan, and Brooke Thomas, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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“Parents in San Francisco are rallying around a second-grade teacher with breast cancer who will have to cover the cost of a substitute to replace her while she’s on extended sick leave.

A Glen Park Elementary school teacher, who did not want to be identified, will likely be on leave for the rest of the year, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday. She could have as much as $240 per day deducted from her salary to pay for a substitute thanks to a 1976 change to the California education code, the newspaper reported.

“I just feel sad that from what I heard, she is a very good teacher and I just feel sad what’s going on to her,” Narciso Flores-Diaz, a parent, told KNTV Wednesday. “Our school is pulling together to help her and to make her feel that she’s not alone.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Ramesh Srinivasan

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Ramesh Srinivasan


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  1. "I love the the poorly educated."…. D. tRump. So much love to spread..

  2. Lmfao all those countries mentioned that should be "shocked" cause of the us medical program stay quiet cause who do they cry to first when they need military assistance???

  3. Hey, look, another reason why government is shit at running things. Privatize schools, give parents vouchers for their students.

  4. This story is misleading. This isn't about medical expenses, that's covered by the health insurance provided by the CTA. Also this isn't about moral or immoral, this about the representatives of the teachers saying "hey, we can save a few bucks a month if we drop out of this disability programme" and the teachers saying "alright..do it". This isn't about the government shortchanging anybody, it's the union negotiated a bad deal.

  5. Cal Teachers do not get Social Security either….

  6. From The Netherlands: shocked like I am every day when I learn about things from the USA

  7. What's the biggest injustice facing teachers?

  8. In solidarity, as a teacher. Also, when teachers get fed up and move to the private sector with the MA + degrees we have, that’s not going to help with job creation, and will create an even bigger teacher shortage! No one ever talks about that, this impacts everyone.

  9. they did not mention that most schools are so under funded that teachers are having to pay for basic school supplies out of their own money, the school itself cannot afford basics like pencils pens paper or textbooks.

  10. She will be dead soon anyway so she does not really need that money, whats the big deal?

  11. BTW, I think it's getting sicker and sicker in this country how we treat our own. I mean come on!!!! Really? Is this really happening???

  12. USA is biggest 3 rd world countries. Only usa ppl don't know because they stupid ignorants

  13. The Teachers Union should redirect their $1.15 million they give to the CA Democrat Party. They seem to have a $urplus. Wtf does government have unions that donate our taxes in the first place?

  14. "Greatest country in the world," MY ASS!

  15. Well might as well ask again. You keep stating that the US pays double what other countries pay in health care. What i'm curious about is are those numbers based on the size of the population ? Because after all, the US with 330 million people compared with Canada's 30 million people, of course the US would pay more. What i wanna know is on what are those numbers based on that the US pays double. Doubt i'll get an answer anyway, just thought i'd ask again.

  16. I am from Italy, and I confirm that in our eyes your system Is barbaric

  17. I love how TYT’s solution to California’s (the most liberal state) education system is to make it more liberal… what a joke

  18. Blame the teachers union!!! It was their choice!! They opted out of catastrophic insurance!!!! When will TYT start talking about facts??

  19. Yup, 1% tax break but your a teacher or middle class and get cancer well your screwed. So SAD

  20. Ramesh is very intelligent and well spoken. Hope he will be on TYT frequently.

  21. In what world is citizens donating money to help out other fellow citizens on a revolutionary online platform designed to raise money for individuals, instead of depending on their government for everything…barbaric??? 🧐

  22. The US, the country of Gofundme….

  23. In Puerto Rico is worst; teachers, police and nurses are between 10 and 15 $ an hour and teachers and police don’t draw SS, recently teachers and police lost their pensions 🙁

  24. Cenks is the prime example of u.s.a. education!

  25. Do substitute teachers really get paid $240 a day? Thirteen years ago, my daughter's school was paying $60 a day. I don't know what they pay nowadays.

  26. Why are spinning this ? All joking aside! Please use logic, facts, and put everything into perspective ! The teachers union/the teachers decided not to pay into the disability insurance. That is their derision. The insurance probably costs a few bucks a week! So this is their consequence. This is not anyone’s fault but their own. Yes we can all feel bad for this teacher, though do you see how the community rallied to help ! This is not about Finland or Politics rather accountability.

  27. My studying to be an educator and I must say I have thought about doing something else after graduation…

  28. Turk is being soft on the corporation, it is always the right of the worker to strike as they are the one's working for society.

  29. As a Canadian what a horrible way to treat teachers.

  30. Cenk…I am shocked. Every major and sometimes minor medical incident that happens to an American has the potential to be an economic catastrophe for the individual. It doesn't have to be that way. 🇨🇦

  31. Blame the teacher's union.

  32. America is not a democracy, republic nor is it a country. It's a business.

  33. I am a teacher from Ontario. We receive 11 sick days at 100% per year, and 120 days per year at 90% pay. I am not bragging. But there's a reason why Ontario has such a strong education system. And @cenk @TYT I am from Canada and I am shocked.

  34. Two of my friends died in limbo waiting for insurance approval, denied treatments etc. both before the age of 33 and both were cancers that could have been cured if they had been treated instead of waiting for insurance to cover certain procedures. It's bullshit. Bernie 2020!!

  35. That's a stupid system. Who came up with that. This is a "great" country? Give me a break. Here in Australia that Teacher would be on PAID sick leave, and a replacement brought in at no cost to her, and as we have "evil socialized medicine", that teacher would get all the treatment available at no cost additional cost to her. And with luck, she'd be back on the job as soon as she's well, when ever that is, a year or 5 years.

  36. What ever the outlet all things that I hear and see in my head all I can see is Trump in his red hat. And I wonder is this what he meant

  37. I am going to become a teacher, I'm age 21 and getting my AA degree. I'm from California and want to teach in California. Truth be told if you truly want to do something moeny is not a issue, I BELIEVE THEY NEED TO GET PAID LIKE DOCTORS! but I expect the fact I will stay broke all my life and I am okay with that. It is sad that I am okay with that because it is my dream!

  38. I'm curious as to what job actually exists where you can be out for 7 months and still get full pay…

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