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Teachers Sounding The Alarm Over ‘Room Clear’ Method | NBC Nightly News

One of the methods often used to control a child having a meltdown, “room clear” leaves the disruptive child in the classroom, while the other kids are moved out. The result can be classrooms torn apart, desk and tables upended.
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Teachers Sounding The Alarm Over ‘Room Clear’ Method | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The ol’ grab them by the ear and yank them out of the room to go get paddled by the principal was a pretty good method back in my day.

  2. My son is autistic and he doesn't act out like that. He has run away a couple of times.

  3. I have a simple and more effective solution that is also cost effective. We called it the wooden paddle. It kept us in line. We never acted out like this. It was a very large wooden paddle with holes drilled out for aerodynamics that was kept on display in the principal's office. We were terrified of it!

  4. If i find out a kid of mine stabbed any teacher, when he/she gets home, im breaking his/her jaw.

  5. If this continues they will have to bring in even more foreign students at the university level…

  6. What do you want us to do with your special flower?

  7. Is it just me or are these incidents on the rise? I grew up in Canada in the 70's and 80's and this sort of thing was unheard of, sure kids acted up but nothing like this. Now I'm hearing more and more teachers sharing stories of how violent and threatening kids are becoming in the classroom. I had a co-worker who left the profession because she found herself dealing more with behavioral problems than teaching. Is this mainly a North American thing? I'd love to hear from educators from around the world to get their perspective on things.

  8. in other areas they have school resource officers dragging students out and arresting 6 year olds. a kid yanked a teacher by a whistle lanyard, body check her and stab her with a pencil and all her students get is a trashed classroom. Iowa, you're handling students (children) the right way. Other districts should take notice.

    oh… and let's challenge our elected officials bc this reduction in education funding is NOT working for us. Kids have greater pressures than past generations and we cant deal with those realities with less money than we had for past generations.

  9. "Les, the education experts I spoke with said the solution is smaller class sizes, more teacher training, more mental health specialists, but of course, Lester, all of that costs money."

    Whatever education "experts" she spoke with are not experts if they do not bring up anything about the child being disciplined at home. Typical liberal response to a social behavioral problem: throw more of other people's money at it. None of the things the "experts" told her addresses the core root of the problem–the child's behavior. They put the onus of responsibility upon the educators and remove it from the parents. Sick, twisted logic (or not logic at all).

  10. We used to have a policy that when a student was disruptive and not responsive to direction we would buzz the office, the office would announce a "code" that sent ALL staff available to the classroom. Staff would surround the student and escort them out so the teacher could continue to teach and the students were not completely disrupted. This worked well. It is not used anymore. A room being destroyed like that is expensive. The money could be used better.

  11. Parents tolerate their disturbed kids.

  12. I would understand the room clear method if the kid had behavioral issue such as autism but if a kid is deliberately acting violent and hurting the teacher and the classroom over and over again they need to be removed from the school

  13. If this continues, America will be in great danger 20 years from now. 🙁

  14. Honestly this is one of the many,many reasons we brought our kids home. They school through an online charter school.

  15. As an educator who has been punched, hit, and kicked by students, the laws created by politicians limit the consequences that can be administered. We also know that kids are not born with these learned behaviors. They develop them based on a number of factors: mental health conditions, disabilities, trauma, and many other factors. Parents need to be an active participant in their children's education and discipline. Educators need to be paid more, provided more resources, provided more training, and mental health counselors should provide therapy for all students experiencing trauma.

  16. ‘Good kids’ don’t stab people with anything.

  17. The politicians have allowed this in hopes the parents of the other children choose a charter school. There is a manufactured crisis at the expense of our children and hard working professionals. DC and state governments are infested with rodents.

  18. In many districts across the country, the teachers are blamed for the kids acting out. They are told they set the student off, the plan was not followed or enough data was not collected. It is creating a hostile working environment for teachers, PTSD, and amazing teachers to leave the profession.

  19. This has special-ed written all over it.

  20. Their parents look exactly what you think they'd look like

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