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Ted Cruz Booed Offstage By Christians Who Had Enough

Ted Cruz Booed Offstage By Christians Who Had Enough

“A Ted talk turned rowdy last night when the subject came to Israel.

Texas firebrand Ted Cruz found he simply couldn’t get a word in edgewise when the crowd at a conference for Middle Eastern Christians in D.C. booed him offstage for expressing support for Israel.

The Republican senator was the keynote speaker for the affair organized by the nonprofit, In Defense of Christians, and told dinner guests, “Tonight, we are all united in defense of Christians. Tonight, we are all united in defense of Jews. Tonight, we are all united in defense of people of good faith … Christians have no greater ally than Israel.””* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Leslie Larson / NY Daily News:


Obama, ISIS, Ted Cruz & Michael Moore – The Young Turks 9/11/2014 News & Politics


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  1. Peace for PALESTINE. So much for texas

  2. Texas voted him back in or the republicans cheated to get him in!!!!
    What a country to vote in this worm!!!!!

  3. The Young Turks have completely missed the point regarding this incident. It is not a situations where Christians are starting to get tired of Ted Cruz speaking about supporting Israel. There are many different types of Christians in the world. Some Christians such as Evangelical Christians support Israel. Some Christians such as middle east Christians are against Israel. Most middle east Christians are of Arab descent. In Arab nationalism, Christians are considered equal to Muslims. Arabs in the middle east have a long history of fighting against Israel, which includes many Arab Christians. There were many people in the crowd who were not American Evangelical Christians from the United States who support Israel but were middle eastern Arab Christians who are against Israel. Some of these middle eastern Arab Christians in the audience have ties with the Syrian Regime and with Hezbollah, which is another reason they were not happy that Ted Cruz was criticizing these regimes.

  4. When people began saying boo he took a long look at those people then he made it look like it was about religion add hat

  5. I am a middle eastern christian and i dislike Israel's policies and I hate the state too.

  6. you christians have led 12 crusades against muslims in middle east U have enslaved and made colonies and killed millions in India Africa Asia in 18 and 19 century U have made millions africans as slaves U have killed 60 million in 2nd world war and millions in first world war and killed millions of vietnamies and thru false flag of 9/11 killed millions in Afghanistan Iraq and libya
    Now u have started media ear against muslims and calling them terrorist wheteas u are the real terrorist How much more blood do u want

  7. Tedd cruz sucks and is ignorant

  8. Nutjobs including the nutjobs that booed their hopeful. All nutjobs.

  9. I need to find the guy shouting, ENOUGH with Israel and high 5 him a thousand times

  10. America supports the kharza empire pretending to b hebrews!!!

  11. The blacks in America r the real hebrews!!!

  12. You dont know the truth false knowledge you are so stupid!!!!!

  13. The real hebrews r not in Israel you dumb asshole!!!!

  14. You should b sad u bastard!!!

  15. New TV Show title: Everyone Hates Cruz!

  16. It's hard to respect a weasel like Raphael cruz

  17. Cruz needs to remember there is a separation of church and state. If he wants to preach, don't put Senator in front of his name at the location your having a discussion. He can believe what he wants, but not using the title and power of our American Senate. Most Senators have a varied background. Cruz uses his for politics and religion, a toxic combination.

  18. We supposed to love one another doesn't matter where you are from and the color of the skin.


  20. That is not your heart weeping it's you pissing your pants cruz you dick.

  21. Cruz is an asshole!!!!!!

  22. It reared it's ugly head in Pittsburgh.

  23. No one is buying it Ted. They don't have to respect his BS.

  24. Respect, we are in America.

  25. Let me say this…..I Don't Know What I'm Talking About…………….

  26. Kinda like your big orange baboon and yourself! !

  27. Fake Ted Cuz… vote Blue Beto

  28. Senator Cruz is a clown and a liar

  29. Vote Blue or America is SCREWED!

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