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Ted Cruz on coronavirus funding: ‘We have spent more than enough money’

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, discusses reopening Texas safely, the coronavirus stimulus package and reopening the economy with Fox Business’ Stuart Varney. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Opening up will depend upon the population counts. The higher the population the higher the cases of bad health conditions. It's only logical that the less populated states will open first.

  2. Loving Cruz's lamb chops…reminds me of a Revolutionist. 😘

  3. you cant raise my rent 8 years in a row then tell me if i go outside of the house i will go to jail. gov needs to pay the rent and feed me and my child while we are locked down

  4. Thank you Senator Cruz!!!

  5. Ted Cruz otra caca ugualita a trump pero de menos poder pero igual de pendejo cubano de mierda ……
    Solo el yo amo alos cubanossss

  6. Hopefully Ted runs for president again after Trump in 2024

  7. Retired 2 years living on pension planed budget doing very well . DO Need The stimulus check . How millions are in same situation and how many billions going to people that don’t need it . Money should go to small business and unemployed . Millions out of work loosing their savings if any millions might not have employment for many months . Help people keep their jobs . That will stimulate the economy .

  8. just get out into the sun it's a healing for just about anything

  9. Hey, if the money going into the economy is confiscated wealth from from criminals' bank accounts, DC should keep dishing it out.

  10. I totally agree with Ted Cruz! I have lived in Texas all of my life and I pray that Texas opens very soon.

  11. Please lets talk about gamma rays and bleach cures

  12. I am a Conservative, I vote Republican, always have, and I absolutely love Sen Cruz, however on the economic stimulus money, I strongly disagree. The reasons, first and foremost the economy is still in "shutdown" mode, and it will be up to the states, state by state and in slow increments, meaning business and hiring will start slow when, where, if they come back. So this is not "business as usual" it is not even a capitalism or socialism issue or conservative issue, it's how and when can we recover asap issue. The Republicans should have insisted on economic stimulus in the last package for the month of May, but noooooo we've become concerned about rising debt during the worst time possible. So typical so predictable. Nothing the do next to nothing Republicans will or not do will not sway me at the voting booth, only because I have conservative values and have seen and heard enough from the other side to not vote for them for many lifetimes over and over. Have mercy Mr. Cruz, talk to and visit the poor in your State, I promise they exist!

  13. I like Ted Cruz. But he's a little too close in this video! LOL

  14. The decision for the shut down was because of the big fat lies that Fauci said millions would die. HE LIED. Just go back to work, the reason to be so cautious was based on LIES. This virus is no worse than the flu shot…Get a grip.

  15. The virus is a hoax to but in place a new economic system.

  16. Trump wins by 13% MAGAA

    Cruz/West 2024

  17. Ted gets it. Respect Ted. Knows you don’t cut your nose off to spite your face.

  18. Like $1200 was going to help people who's rent is $1200 and no food or no money for utilities.

  19. Well how about you congress member do without you paychecks see and how it feels.

  20. Arizona looks like it open. Everything is open.

  21. Correction: Democrat islamo-nazis have stolen more then enough tax dollars from American citizens.

  22. Yet, the older retired people who are on SS have not received any money.


  24. Audit the PPP (payroll protection program) ASAP.

  25. Ted Cruz is a Cesspool of Feces!!!

  26. People were sent home from work…PROBLEM ……People couldn't contact Unemployment or food stamps offices. Rent, car payments car insurance unpaid , … $1200 stimulus if they got the money went to back bills…….Bail outs went to a lot of corrupt people… No one I know is spending money on anything but bills.. Next time people don't leave your job just stay at work.. don't count on the government.

  27. Pandemic proved that people do live from paycheck to paycheck. Get back to work so you can get your next paycheck.

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