Teen Activist Greta Thunberg Leads Global Climate Protest | NBC Nightly News

Millions around the world took part in a global climate strike, all following the lead of 16-year-old Greta Thunberg. The Swedish teenager spoke to Kelly Cobiella before she sailed to New York City. “When a child says, ‘You are stealing my future,’ then people feel very guilty,” Thunberg said.
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Teen Activist Greta Thunberg Leads Global Climate Protest | NBC Nightly News


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  1. “I was never a normal teenager” I think Greta is the only normal one

  2. People always talk about things but never do them.

  3. MY PEOPLE BE ONLY HAVE 8.5 YEARS LEFT TO LIVE WITH OUR CO2 CONSUMTION you protesters stop protesting and start planting trees!!

  4. I think I have a crush on her. Don’t worry I’m 15

  5. Why fridays like whats the point

  6. ou should be in special school for lunatic mind disorders. throw out the key after locking doors .

  7. You people these days are a frickin joke. I dont take kids these days seriously.

  8. Honey BOBo should get off the stage

  9. Such stupid, greta is very

  10. " this is the reality of current times
    An Australian journalist gave the following answer regarding the intention of some students from his country to do "climate strike":

    – " young people, you are the first generation that has an air
    conditioning device in each classroom, your duties are all made on
    computers, you have a TV in each room, spend your days using electronic
    devices… Instead of walking to school you use a fleet of motor means
    of transport that will stop public roads.
    You are the biggest consumer of consumer goods in history, compulsively buying the most expensive clothes to be 'trendy'.
    Your protest is released through digital and electronic means…

    So before you go off, turn off your conditioned air, walk to school,
    turn off your phones and read a book, make yourselves a sandwich instead
    of buying canned food…
    But, of course, you won't do any of this
    because you are selfish, rude, manipulated by the people who use them,
    proclaim to have a noble cause while they focus on the most rampant
    western luxury.
    Wake up, wake up and close your mouth.
    Inform yourself of the facts before protesting "."

  11. Go look at the inside of her car!! Her TESLA. What is she doing personally. Her car was full of trash. Plastic Trash. Practice what you preach! The pictures were posted for the public to see. Just a thought. To want change start with yourself .

  12. Our diesel trucks are going nowhere sweety

  13. soros-sponsored child shield Greta should be tucked in bed reading “Hansel and Gretel” instead.

  14. See Piers Corbyn for straight talk on climate! Hehe

  15. Women have proven their value in defending the environment, but men's racism that rejects equality does not want the good voice to fall from a woman, so all those who attacked her are men who reject the voice of women. women

  16. The Climate Change Cult is dangerous. Here their young prophet, with all of the wisdom of a 16 year old girl, preaches Armageddon before the UN. They actually believe in their climate god, that the earth will be destroyed in a couple of decades, and some of these believers will go to any lengths to destroy anyone who does accept their religion.  This cult will get more dangerous in time. Evidence does not matter, only belief. They ignore earlier climate prophets who had already predicted earth destroyed by now. Or that it was a Winter god in the 70s that was out to destroy mankind.

  17. CBS what about the fake bombing video??? FAKE NEWS!! FAKE CLIMATE CHANGE HYSTERIA!!

  18. "I was never a normal teenager". I can believe that.

  19. I smell a communist plot.: If this girl gets her way, ladies are gonna want to work outside the home and the house is gonna be a MESS and we're gonna get stuck eating tv dinners – is that what you want – huh?!!. The hippies are gonna take over the streets with their beeds and their sandles. The girls are gonna want to go to college to fill their minds with nonsense when they should be learning home -ec. And the whole bunch of 'em are gonna be protestin against the vietnam war and you know we want that to keep going on till we win! It'll be the end of America as we know it! And what about TAXES??!!

  20. You know why they do that? To have "carbon trading' implemented as solution. It's a billion dollar industry, think it like license to pollution.
    Thinking you can improve the environment that way is not a fantasy, it's the peak delusion!

  21. Good lord the media knows no bounds now that they use teens to further their agenda. Same with the parkland kids

  22. China and India awaits your arrival

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