Tensions continue to rise as Iran breaks 2015 nuclear deal

United Against Nuclear Iran chairman former Sen. Joe Lieberman, (D-Conn.), discusses partisanship amid rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran as well as Iraq’s vote to expel American soldiers from the country and impeachment.

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  1. That's ok trump we will rise up for you very soon

  2. China , Mexico ..sends over drugs that kll thousands of hicks every year ……..their generals better watch out

  3. If Iran wants not to be attacked like North Korea ….they know exactly what to do

  4. Iran did not break the nuclear deal, trump broke the deal. You need to start being honest and stop lying to your viewers.

  5. Lol as if they honored any deal but paying clinton off.

  6. A little bit weak and a little bit strong…

  7. USA broke nuclear deal and it is fact

  8. You really think they were honoring that deal, pleeze , you sheep are stupid

  9. Not only can we not trust the democrats to keep this country safe but we can trust that they will spearhead its destruction. The Democratic party is now clearly and without question a hostile force against the US

  10. Iran is on a suicide path opening it’s nuclear options but atleast trump didn’t send off a bundle of cash that’ll get used to fund terrorism like Obama kept doing I mean trump acted before Americans died which is what he should have done

  11. Almost funny. Iran never stopped with uranium enrichment. They never abided by any agreement

  12. Iran broke the 2015 Nuclear Agreement back in 2015 ounce they deposited that check!

  13. Iran claims they don't want a nuclear weapon. Why exceed enrichment levels, I don't get it.

  14. Palosi is a disgrace wacked on hate of Trump winning the presidency. Shows how our Government is so disorganized how our citizens are getting step on by these evil dems only care about themselves ! Greed , money , selfish bastards. Cannot pull off the globilist agender. God has his agender putting Donald Trump in the white house. And exposing the evil of men in our Government. Time to wake up on our Lord and Savior who is doing this seperation between the lie and the Truth. Placing His enemies at his feet. Remember with out faith in Jesus you are already been Judged because you did not put your faith in Gods only begotten son. JOHN 3: 16, 21, And God does not lie, it would be impssible for God to lie. Hebrews 6: 18, please Read, Romans 1: 25, 2 Thesalonians 2: 11,

  15. The democrats are committing treason

  16. Iran can't 'break' the deal since they never really adhered to it. Iran never allowed the US or the IAEA to inspect ANY of their military bases and the IAEA confirms the agency has not requested access to military sites since the agreement went into effect. Not one country in the Nuclear Deal – including Iran- 'signed' the Nuclear Deal. Iran has never honored any agreements they've been a part of…why would they start now?

  17. At least we can see a Democrat that makes sense, thank you Mr. Joe Lieberman!

  18. You can't break a deal you never followed in the first place !

  19. Democrats have been misleading their own for a long long time people are finally waking up!

  20. Isn't that the same deal they already broke for which we revoked the deal with them.

  21. I'm alen Kazemi and BBC news and Tankyo Donald Trump@# قابل توجه همه خبر گزاری های مختلف سیاسی اجتماعی بزرگ سراسر جهان بخصوص BBC news and NBC news با توجه به گزارشی جهانی که در ایران بوجود آمده و هم اکنون در دنیا درآمد زایی بسیاری از رسانه های خبری جهان هست ولی به غیر از من که گزارشگر ویژه دبیر کل سازمان ملل متحد در کل جهان هستم با توجه به اینکه هیچ منع قانونی برای خبرنگاران جهان در ایران وجود نداشته ولی متاسفانه درین ایام هیچ خبرنگار خارجی را من در ایران ندیدم خبر تا با چشمان خود نبینیم معتبر نیست خبرگزاری همیشه بیطرف و وابسته به هیچ سازمانی نیست به همین دلیل حق استفاده از الفاظ رکیک ترین زشت را ندارد.بند 2از ماده 34 قانون اساسنامه تشکل های سیاسی و اجتماعی دبیر کل سازمان ملل متحد میباشد .مانند واژه تشیع جنازه. یا تشیع پیکر. الفاظ باید توسط سردبیر بررسی و تحلیل شود من خبرنگاری با شهامت به غیراز خودم را در ایران نمیبینم با سپاس فراوان از بزرگترین رباست جمهوری جهان جناب دونالد ترامپ alen Kazemi and BBC news@#

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