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Tensions High In Middle East After Iran Attack On U.S. Troops At Iraqi Bases | NBC News NOW

Former U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul talks with NBC News to examine what President Trump’s actions in Iran mean for the future of U.S. foreign policy.
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Tensions High In Middle East After Iran Attack On U.S. Troops At Iraqi Bases | NBC News NOW


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  1. Don't sanction them, that's just starving and hurting the people

  2. Can't take her seriously with that hair..

  3. wow shes a hottie……..but what the heck is on her head?

  4. Trump please send your son and supporters to war.

  5. Why should I give a crap if Russia and Iran have more influence in the area of their backyards. We have influenced countries in our region and no one seems to question that . Stop the madness, please.

  6. Томагавки и бомбы оказались не нужным барахлом

  7. Америка отвалила потому что Иран располагает русским оружием S 300 ,радар, панцирь ,Тор,тунгуска

  8. We need more war more more more war

  9. NBC fake news is pathetic, imagine an American news outlet taking sides with the enemy, PRESIDENT TRUMP is exposing all the SCUM, the unbelievable SCUM !

  10. Strange video of US troop terror in time, Iranian missile attack on US base in Iraq


  11. This is the reason why I rather Fox News.

  12. Do you want nothing tough on Iran,

  13. Can we get this straight? trump is deceitful, rash, juvenile, self-centered, mentally unstable, untruthful to an unimaginable degree, unlawful, thuggish, ignorant, and worse. There are many people languishing in jail at his behest from crimes he deliberately committed for which he has not been brought to account and likely never will. And he holds the highest office in the world and incredibly stands a chance of being “democratically” re-elected. Now this draft dodger par excellence has the nation’s armed forces on a war footing with neither Congressional sanction nor any actual declaration of war.

  14. How Catual People Laughing during serious talk
    Actually this is Just to Make Fun

  15. Yo who let pink become a host

  16. Triple daca fees every year

  17. Fn nbc open borders military industrial complex fake news going out of business

  18. I invite anyone who supports Trump, The GOP, The Conservative or Religious Right to try to prove anything here wrong.


    • Per Oath They Are Domestic Enemies Of America

    My bio: https://i.imgur.com/miPlBHA.png

    To be a Patriot, May 5, 1789 Senate 1st act, the "Oath Act"
    "I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States."
    Per The Oath All Who Serve America Take
    Every Republican In Office & The Conservative Right In America
    Are Our Domestic Enemies.

    A Solemn Oath To God & Country, The American Right Fails:

    The American Conservative Right
    • Trump, GOP, Conservatives & Religious Right All Fail Their Word, God & Country
    • They put their egos before all
    • They're further Right, more Anti-American & Fascist than they were during McCarthyism

    Trump-GOP, Right:
    • Fails America: https://imgur.com/gallery/knKr1bj
    • Fails Founders: https://imgur.com/gallery/4VtIN5s
    • Fails God https://imgur.com/gallery/3UAHlEz

  19. Excellent interview! Interviewer and interviewee equally intelligent and well spoken. #screwtrump

  20. IRAN GDP 439.5 billion USD (2017) you notice a massive spike during the Obama Administration and the $150billion payment

  21. Zionist terreur state usa started it, and Iran reponse back its normal.
    Iran good job , well done 👍🏻

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