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Tesla police car ran out of battery during police pursuit

A Tesla police car ran out of battery during a pursuit in Fremont, California. FOX Business’ Ashley Webster with more.

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  1. nothing new its same with combustion engines i forgot to refuel

  2. If only they had charging stations at the donut shops…

  3. Who are these two fools….old fools very fast to announced something that happened to a tesla car by a stupid police officer…… fckn tesla hater.!!!

  4. give Elon time he's just begun ladies

  5. I will only buy electric if I can charge my car from empty to full in under 5 minutes

  6. Toyota stocks just went up

  7. Warning ! This video is very dangerous for your health ! I failed to die laughing !
    In France it would be more funny : in California the cops have Tesla, in France they could have only Renault Zoe or Nissan Leaf !

  8. 10% of battery life goes only for led lights 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. That officer should've had some backup duracell batteries.

  10. Tesla should make a car that runs on donuts (not the same as a car that does donuts). Cops won't forget the donuts.

  11. What do you do then ask the criminals to wait 3 hours until the battery is recharged?

  12. I mean did it really have to happen for them to realize it would happen?

  13. cops really want the next generation roadster

  14. Earth's oxygen air is breathable for humans.

  15. sounds to me like someone forgot to charge it at the end of last shift. how is it any different than forgetting to fill a car?

  16. Police should drive a Chevy volt or a Prius…NOT A $100,000 LUXURY TESLA.

  17. Cops driving "gaymobiles"? Save the planet, free the criminals!

  18. How much did that cost???? 500,000?

  19. they should always have it fully charged

  20. What? Renewables are not a reliable source of energy? I’m shocked!! 😜

  21. This is not shocking to me.

  22. Forget to get a fill up? Despite desperate i.c.e. and oil $ to burn to short TLSA , Then you add alleged SEC-WS corruption and misleading corporate $ media spin. Tesla an AMERICAN startup, energy, solar, infrastructure, SpaceX, – internet, a.i., tech co.
    Seems TESLA will soon be the #1 in AUTO industry at this rate. Best car I've ever owned. I'm 70. Planet & humanity are fortunate to have Tesla vision. Bears, time to hibernate in a plastic bag.

  23. How about if you are going to bump the car of those criminals can tesla cars take it?

  24. All police departments should do this

  25. Imagine waking up to your car not charged …

  26. Jesus, Teslas are expensive enough already, then all the mods they probably give them for police duty… Sorry but taxpayers should put their foot down. like the police state doesn't already have enough toys!

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