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Texas becomes first state to reject new refugees under Trump exec order

Former ICE Acting Director Ronald Vitello weighs in on the ongoing border wall battle and Texas becoming the first state to decline resettlement. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Well 6400 likes and a 1000..dislikes…so i tell me..MAGA..

  2. Bill Burr if he was serious and in politics

  3. I googled who agent 47 is and LMFAO yooo this has to have been planned

  4. Didn't this guy spit on Monica's dress ?

  5. GOOD, we have enough ILLEGALS in our state without having to take in refugees too dammit !!!!

  6. Zero refugees! Zero foreign aid! Time to start taking care of AMERICA and not everyone else! TP2020.

  7. It’s about time, we got plenty of illegal immigrants!

  8. How about those black Hebrew Israelites?

  9. Texas becomes first state to reject new refugees under trump exec order

  10. Oh yea, Texas, just wait cause little jerrod and daddy inlaw will start sizing ur propriety for their scam, c how many love immanent domain & nothin u can do about it. Still want a wall when its ur LAND taken via Government! U won't b paid real market price either!

  11. Wow that guy looks like an alien is using someones body.

  12. Good, canadians just lost their country from the dual citizen vote

  13. Yay. My breakfast will be more enjoyable.

  14. Dont unpack your going back.And take your drugs and your fake families with you.Back to Where ever you came from.

  15. Thank God. Texas is one of the few states with a brain. And they are not refugees or asylum seekers since they will never leave. And their children will all be instantly americans. We need to change the laws and make it so that you cannot just become a citizen and if we required IDs to buy or do anything we could let as many in as we wanted since they couldnt buy or sell anything in the US without the right permissions. Why are we soo stuoud

  16. Welcome all men and women into your open arms

  17. Good on you Texas, sure wish Alaska would have done the same.

  18. I know that this might seem extreme and crazy and reckless but……… Stop meddling and overthrowing the Governments in South America and this refugee crisis would probably subside. I know it’s a revolutionary and crazy idea but there’s plenty of evidence to support it. When we destabilized the Middle East and North Africa, Europe was flooded with refugees. When President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined in on the Honduras coup that’s what caused this persistent wave for the last decade. What do you think is king to happen after Venezuela and Bolivia? I know I know I’m crazy.

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