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Tfue Contract Leaks & Faze Banks Reacts

Tfue Contract Leaks & Faze Banks Reacts

Tfue breaks silence on his lawsuit against Faze Clan and begs for his contract to be released. Plus, Tfue contact leaks after # releasethecontract and Faze Banks reacts to it. #Tfue #FazeBanks #ReleaseTheContract

FaZe Banks is absolutely gutted after learning his friend, Tfue (Turner Tenney), has slapped his company, FaZe Clan, with a lawsuit that accused them of being “grossly oppressive” and claimed they stole 80 percent of his earnings as a pro gamer. FaZe Clan has already denied the allegations in Tfue’s lawsuit, insisting they’ve only collected a total of $60,000 from the 21-year-old, none of which came from his tournament winnings. In a new video, Banks, who is the Chief Operations Officer at FaZe Clan, went into further detail about the specifics of the company’s contract with Tfue, as well as why he feels so distraught on a personal level about this whole situation.

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FaZe Banks Admits To Being ‘Blindsided’ By Tfue’s FaZe Clan Lawsuit: ‘I’ll Never Forgive You For This’

Starring Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta

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Tfue Contract Leaks & Faze Banks Reacts


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  1. This drama is becoming too much. What are your thoughts on it so far with the current info at hand?

  2. Isn't that 20% for all of faze clans earnings as a team though? Wouldn't that be more that tfue would get solo?

  3. Banks does not even play game that much anymore ಠ︵ಠ凸

  4. Who else is Tfue looking at?

  5. I feel bad fore bank's

  6. This Tfue is a bigger baby than faze banks. Clearly banks is buthurt about tfue leaving suddenly. But Tfue is such a cry baby for not being loyal to a contract HE SIGNED himself in the first place. So furthermore he acts so innocent, when in reality he was taken in and turned into a star at such speeds nobody thought possible all because of fazes contract. Why not serve the duration it’s not long it’s 3 years, you signed it ya freaking baby, and than go make your dream come true afterward like a mature man. Instead of crying wan wan wan like a baby in the middle of something you signed up for!!! 😂

  7. Its not a problem before your famous after they help you get famous then the contract is a problem fuk outta here

  8. Holy shit you’re annoying

  9. Tfue kids can suck my fucking dick, little bitches.

  10. This is drama… About a Fortnite streamer. Fucking Fortnite.

  11. I hate this channel. They don’t know shit about YouTube.

  12. james charles: no one has more drama then me sister

    Tfue: Hold My fored beer

  13. Banks should just cancel the contract and be done with tfue

  14. It looks fair to me…

  15. Banks is whining like a little girl. It’s ridiculous with the amount Tfue is making now that he’d give up those crazy amounts of percentages of money. Weather they were friends or not I’m sure it’s business not personal. On top of that Tfue in reality is a bigger name now then Faze Clan. He outgrew this company and now wants out. #IdDoTheSame

  16. Forget tati and James it tfue and faze

  17. Wait? real news. Not Keemstar acting like hes reporting when he is basically in bed with Faze. LOL Fazeup

  18. i bet tfues new clan is going to be called beeb faze clan just saying 😁

  19. 0:13
    Yo did she say something about my mom?!?!

  20. The kid has millions of subscribers. And has his twitch. He still has an income

  21. In general I don't like white people

  22. Banks should probably stop talking so much. He’s looking worse and worse. I get that tfue wanted to go his separate way. That’s not a friendship thing that’s a business life choice thing. You can’t call tfue an asshole for not having an emotional investment in faze clan. Why would he want to accept less in life because he’s friends with someone? Tfue isn’t a great person or anything but how can I find fault in someone who wants to do there own thing? Maybe start there own team. Get there own deals. So he didn’t pay faze much yet. But who wants to sit around wondering if there gonna take money forever? Banks claiming tfue is not a true friend for this is pure stupidity and him talking so much is starting to get annoying af

  23. Tfue is a snitch and ungrateful.
    1 he snitch about drinking and stunts.
    2 Faze clan made this guy.
    3 why bite the hand that feeds you.

    At the end of the day fuck Tfue!!

  24. subtitles say shifu instead of Tfue lol

  25. Fucking Hollywood life trying to get clout from this

  26. Who gives a shit about this these guys. You shouldn’t have been a dumb ass and carefully read the contract before singing it it your own stupidity and now trying to get out of it because your making tons of money

  27. Release the fucking contract

  28. If the contract is that bad, why did he sign

  29. The fucking woman speaking is such an annoying little bastard

  30. Its simple, tfue didnt read the contract properly as any kid stoked to join an org would. Now his regretting it and i bet his ugly arse brother is pushing hard. He is the susses looking guy on youtube.

    Tbh that contract didnt look bad to me. All the free money he gets is 80% given to faze and/or 50/50
    The money he gets from his actual performance is given to him 80%

    Wtf is wrong with that?
    Sounds like any sports persons contact.

  31. TFue was a nobody
    Now he has a name on YouTube he wants out
    If not
    TFue signed his money away that's his fault should have not signed the contract

    Banks should take all the money they can at this point

  32. I ways supported Tfue.

  33. He is not the first person to stand up. I understand his side of the story but that’s delusional. And I have no idea why he didn’t go in private to talk it out. Plus, wasn’t it his lawyer that said he shouldn’t open his big ass mouth so this wouldn’t happen?

  34. I think this is a copy of keemstar go fuck yourself

  35. Fortniteguy informed me already.☺

  36. my man said fc instead of faze clan

  37. They didn't take any money for the "Support-A-Creator" code

  38. Here’s the thing, why would he sign it to begin with. And for people saying that he signed it to gain clout and then leave, he knew it was a 3 YEAR contract and that it would be tough to get out of. On top of all this, FaZe Clan tried to revise the contract MANY times but Tfue didn’t want that. In my opinion, FaZe tried their best to fix this problem but Tfue wanted out, it was hard for FaZe Clan to release him so he ends up filing the law suit. This could have been done privately with FaZe Banks and Tfue face to face but it had to go down like this. If you don’t agree with me, let me know your opinion.

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