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'That's not good enough': Ponting frustrated by missed no balls

Former Test skipper Ricky Ponting discusses the “21 incorrect decisions” made by the umpires on day two in Brisbane and ponders why the third umpire is not involved in ruling on no balls


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  1. He simply hates Ishant Sharma…That's a real fact…

  2. What is your name?

    Naseem Shah, the sixteen years old

  3. If there’s a camera which tells us speed of the bowl and bat after every delivery why can’t a simple indicator being placed that shows if bowl is over the line or not ?

    Umpire can improve but mistakes will always happen and that shouldn’t be the rematch decider.

  4. Pakistanis and no balls. There isn't a better love story than this

  5. ICC gotta do something about it…I feel really bad for Pacers who try so hard and when they get tough wickets after toiling whole day they are rejected merely for overplacing the foot on the line. However batsmen get unlucky too when they are given out for slightest feather but reviewing helped a lot in that area..but this line thing is still big issue.. That Aussie bowler wasn't behind the line yet it wasn't given no ball😢

  6. SPOT ON Punter. 21 WRONG decisions in a day is abysmal. Fix the problem. A young bowler is unfairly penalised because umpires aren't doing their job and pulling them up on those prior occasions. This is absolutely disgraceful the way the on field umpires just are ignoring the line.

  7. hypocrite ponting has forgotten his cheating in cricket and was sleeping in WC 2019 when there was Aus vs Wi

  8. I spoke to an umpire that said he stopped even looking down at the bowlers foot because the bowler was so quick, by the time he looked up it was half way to the wicket keeper.

  9. Meanwhile bookies in pakistan look we found new talent 🤣

  10. Look who is complaining – aussies lmao!

  11. What are we talking here. 3rd umpire with the help of TV slow motion misses a NO BALL and sends the Pakistan batsman home. Sore losers

  12. Place chips on bowlers heel ..


  14. I m 16 weeks old 😊👶👶

  15. Why does Ponting recall Ishant Sharma out of no where?….any guesses?😉 After all these years Ishant still gives him nightmares maybe…

  16. Naseem might be blowing no ball for spot fixing but umpires not giving decision…

  17. He is not 16…he is 19year old…fake pakistan aging system

  18. There should be a law to cut match fees of umpires for such bad decisions. Like players fees are altered for their faults.

  19. No should b called by third umpire wth help of technology

  20. Ganguly calling in for a No Ball umpire.. that's a good idea. Could change a game.

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