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The 2020 Democrats' Health Care Plans Revealed | Opinions | NowThis

Single-payer? Public option?? Medicare for All?! Here’s a simple breakdown of where the 2020 Dems stand on health care, and what all this jargon actually means.
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In US news and current events today, NowThis Politics senior producer Allan Piper is breaking down the difference in the 2020 Democratic candidates’ health care plans. Where do the 2020 election candidates like Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Tulsi Gabbard, Elizabeth Warren, and more stand on the issue of health care?

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  1. You should mention that Pete is receiving tons of money from the insurance companies. If anybody actually believes he'll put out a decent plan, you're wrong.

    Bernie has the best plan and is in the best position to pass it. He's very good working with people, and has the largest grassroots of people behind him.

  2. You know I want to point out how little time you gave the Republicans plans vs the Democrats. But I can't because the Republicans don't have a plan. And if they do they haven't released it.

  3. Andrew yang plan may work if the free public healthcare was good enough to promote competitive business. If the government care was just as good if not better, it would cause the private sector to step up their game. The citizens wins

  4. Too bad these Democrats will not win 2020 cause Micheal Bloomberg just join the race. HAHAHAH And dude a moderate🤣😂😂

  5. Keep it simple, less or no admin.

  6. Where Do the Goverment get the money Taxes so you’re still paying for healthcare

  7. At this point, people are more worried about corruption in the election process. Google blocked Tulsi Gabbard searches, CNN will barely mention her name. MSNBC wouldn't let Andrew Yang speak. Corporate Media keeps pushing Joe Biden as the front runner, every one knows something isn't adding up right.

  8. Warren is actually in the 2nd group – she has clearly stated she'll pass a public option first and then in the 3rd year of her presidency go for actual Medicare For All (wishful thinking I'd say – do it all at once). NB You do a great disservice to your viewers failing to point this out] Bernie is the only one who advocates for Medicare For All. His bill describes precisely the path that we will take to get there.

  9. medicare for all. and that’s on bernie sanders.

  10. Buttigieg should advertise "Foreign Intervention for All Who Want It"

  11. As an Australian, it shocks me that this is still an argument America is having.

  12. To clarify, when Sanders says savings of 2 Trillion dollars over 10 years on M4A, he is being way too fair to his critics in siting a right wing, Koch brothers funded study by the Mercatus Center, which is estimating conservatively. Another study by Amherst estimated even MORE savings 3+ trillion.

  13. Hello from Canada, If Bernie wins then I'm moving back to America!!!

  14. Thank you so much for breaking this stuff down.

  15. Madam President Kamala 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. The USA develops 45% of all new medicines- that's why Healthcare in the USA is so expensive. New medicines cost up to ten billion each because they are hard to do. But that amount works out to about a dollar per human on Earth which ain't much, but the rest of the world does not want to play along. You want to lower Healthcare costs in the USA? Okay- we'll stop making new meds. ALL Democrats running are overtly lying to the people for a vote- how are you going to lower costs without losing quality and without cutting new med tech- you can't. And YOU are lying about too- reminds me of Warren "Oh what's the big deal if I am off by a Trillion or two" nonsense.

  17. I love Mi India kamala harris is nixt presidant Jai Sri RAM 🕉️🕉️🕉️

  18. Medicare for all doesn’t work like you think. Here in Britain it’s split between private and public. The Scottish NHS is going to have a £1billion deficit by 2030. A new hospital is under investigation after a baby died suddenly and few others died from an infection caused by pigeon droppings in the ventilation system. That was caused by the building being built by the lowest bidder. A new children’s hospital that was meant to be open in 2015 and 2016 and 2017 and 2019 now 2021. This is because after what happen at the previously mentioned hospital the same problem was found and problems with heating and electricity were also found. NHS is at breaking point. Staff are struggling. Does that sound like what you want in the USA

  19. So yeah, the only one to be trusted is after all still Bernie.

  20. Bernie’s the only one for true single payer, Warren has dodged this

  21. Well, it appears nothing less than free everything for everone is the new standard, including illegals, amazing!

  22. This was extremely lacking in information:

    Warren has a two-step approach= step one is public option M4A on the other hand according to her is just a long term goal step, not the first thing we should try to pass, her approach is not only a delay but instead one that could be endless & forever, which means simply we will never get M4A under her two step approach— instead of one bill with a transition period, as Sanders has written to avoid any kind of destructive & deliberate or unintended delays which could refuel GOP/Centrist Democrat opposition to M4A, Unlike Bernie she has made clear on numerous occasions that passing public option within 100 days is her top priority, It sets Warren apart from Sanders, whose single-payer legislation would set up a national insurance program over just four years, Warren of course does not call her health care plan a public option but instead medicare for all option, which shares the exact same features with Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg’s (automatic enrollment for the uninsured, buy-in option for workers, etc.) Unlike Bernie her own version of single payer health care system will not even cover mental health care & addiction care & services.

    Biden/Warren/Pete/Kamala they are all on the same boat

  23. The Democrats, ohh we’ll fix healthcare scam 2.0. Nope, not falling for this BS again

  24. Sorry but it's hard to trust a cop. Politicians always say one thing and they completely do something different. I'm sticking with Bernie.

  25. I agree with that every democrats view on healthcare is much more different than the republicans. On the other hand, if every democrat on stage would think that healthcare is a human right, some of them should not propose selling it. Human rights are not merchandise. You cannot sell freedom of speech to people as cannot sell healthcare, security or education..

  26. It's more simple than that.
    If the candidates take millions from big pharma or the health insurance industry they will keep private health care and still have the insurance middlemen.
    The candidates not taking lobbiest money will get rid of the private insurance middlemen that make billions in profit every year.

  27. Medical healthcare for all,period

  28. Ummm…. I just did the math and just realized i would have 320 dollars in savings monthly under "Medicare for all" granting a yearly net saving of [$3,840] dollars.

    Private insurance is 400 and some change monthly meaning i only pay 20% of this bill.

    Medicare for all is clearly superior.

  29. Kamala's plan is how Maryland got all children covered. I'm worried you'll have to move to a blue state to get healthcare under her plan.

  30. Thanks, great explanation ❤️

  31. Bernie is the only one for Medicare for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. i'm from Canada and cucks !

  33. The dems dont stand a chance lmfao its laughable to think other wise

  34. Nobody likes their private health insurance, they like their:
    1. Coverage they get
    2. Doctors
    3. Hospital
    4. Clinic
    5. Primary Care Providers, etc.

    Everybody will be able to keep those 5 things under Bernie’s Medicare-For-All plan, while at the same time capping prescription drug costs at no more than $200 per year.

  35. Only Bernie's includes mental health & addictions care at point of service. His is also the only one which addresses hospital monopolies. And yes, it is costed out DNC/Pete/Warren/Biden!

  36. I hate all these public option arguments. I've never met someone who loves their insurance company. People love their doctors, which they can keep under Bernie's plan.

    The Idea that people would love to keep paying a mafia middleman for subpar coverage instead of paying into a cheaper Medicare for All system is just asinine.

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