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The 3 steps to take if you think you have COVID-19 | USA TODAY

What are the steps you need to take if you think you have coronavirus?
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, here are some steps you can take if you think you have coronavirus.

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  1. What if you think you're getting sick but you have an exceptionally powerful immune system that doesn't signal strong symptoms? My concern is would you be contagious? Someone with a strong immune system could get on about life just fine but still be contagious right? What if a person is asymptomatic? I'm not joking I never get sick, but if I feel like this should I stay home?

  2. They forgot to mention to be sure to travel to different states and book a cruise on a ship.

  3. i always have shortness of breath sometimes & my chest hurts & it’s because of my anxiety it’s been like that for years since I got it & it never stops ….now that this is going on & the symptoms are the same as my anxiety that gets me MORE anxious & it gets me thinking that i might have it

  4. Stock up on essential canned goods like beer and boiled peanuts.

  5. 5 stars for the music production quality!!!

  6. Step #1 Start panicking, Step #2 Buy as much Toilet paper as humanly possible, Step #3 go back to step one then buy bulk loads of Hand Sanitizer.

  7. money power and control! that's what it is about,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. is that why everyone bought up all the toilet paper lol, because of diarrhea?

  9. what's with horror like music?
    need to scare more people?

  10. Don't go to work obviously you won't need to pay bills

  11. Geez, what a melodramatic f** video.

  12. Pretty sure I have this shit cause I’ve had a pain in the right side of my chest for a few days but I don’t have any other symptoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life goes on homie

  13. it literally feels like the world is ending bc some many shutdowns. here in NYC Bill De Blasio Is talking about a force in shelter for NYC residents wtf is going on.

  14. Can you get the coronavirus if someone throws a real hideous fart less than 6 feet from you?😖

  15. put the fking mask on will help you safe your life.

  16. What if you don’t have a fever but everything else

  17. Don’t worry guys this virus is made in China won’t last long

  18. Lol chronic bronchitis has me coughing 3 months out of the year.

  19. the shortness of breath is the real severe symptom man this thing is very scary and getting scarier daily. this is the worst year to start the decade everywhere is infected.

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