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The 5 Best LED Light Therapy Masks You Can Buy Online

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Have you tried a healing LED light therapy mask before? Do you want to? If you answered “no,” and then “yes,” you’re in luck, because this is the perfect time of year to give one a go. This is partly because your skin-care routine should transition with the seasons and skin could always use a little more TLC after summer. But it’s mostly because these creepy little at-home treatments make the perfect last-minute serial killer costume.

Since everyone is obsessed with skin care these days, celebrities are no longer the only ones who get to wear light-therapy masks and haunt the public’s dreams by Instagramming their LED selfies. There are now several regular-person versions available online, meaning anyone can harness the power of LED light — usually of the blue (bacteria-killing) and red (collagen and elastin-stimulating) varieties — without a fancy dermatologist’s supervision.


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