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The Airdog auto-follow drone | CES 2015

Engadget’s James Trew rides into the Nevada desert with Airdog’s autonomous action-sports drone in tow.
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  1. airdog they have no spare parts, I bought a drone and the battery came burned, I'm waiting for 6 (six) months and they do not provide for purchase, just got to the new drones of them. if you go buy them remember they will not have spare parts, Airdog is not a serious company.

  2. gopro basically copied their design

  3. This is a great idea but the vibrations are terrible

  4. really wanted this drone and paid in full when they promised delivery Nov 2014! Got my money back! Still on the lookout for one. This, Lilly or what? Not sure.

  5. your website only says pre-order but does not say when you ship out your product, Please tell me how I do I obtain this product

  6. What about Plexi-Drone, Ghost Drone, 3-D robotics Iris,…all of these have auto-follow modes, how is this "the first"?

  7. cool but i can't wait till go pro reveal there drone 

  8. I love airdog. but i also love this music and i just come to chill out and listen to it. Any source?

  9. Just a question for anyone who knows about this product, is the sonar sensor able to detect utility wires in front/below/above it?

  10. It is probably going to cost a fortune

  11. How fast can you go? Very cool

  12. with different gimball it will be better
    now a lot of wobbling

  13. I think it should fly a bit lower so the picture would be a bit more interesting.

  14. that's definitely not "smooth footage", but still, great idea.

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