The Battle Between ICE And Sanctuary Cities | NBC News NOW

Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the state of California continue to disagree over so-called sanctuary cities. NBC News’ Simone Boyce followed ICE agents throughout Los Angeles to learn more.
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The Battle Between ICE And Sanctuary Cities | NBC News NOW


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  1. You should of seen all the illegals going back for Christmas the line at border was three miles long for two days

  2. ICE is very needed in this country for sure 💯

  3. “Ice agency is rogue “ ha that’s a laugh the left is rogue

  4. Why is Trump even still alive ?

  5. Love all the know it alls here:)

  6. So !you saying to me 🤔 no others race are killers😥 this doesnt make senses😐 this is so stupid! We are humans , people wake up!😏

  7. So if your an illegal immigrant your safest bet is to vary your schedule as much as possible

  8. What ur police guns are for…use em

  9. If you're here illegally, you do not have a say in U.S. policy. Get out!

  10. When a progressive becomes president they should still have the space force, that way when ice is dismantled they can send them to space and leave them there.

  11. ICE should be ashamed . There is a universal justice waiting for them

  12. Ice is not locking nobody up haha 😂

  13. If everyone go back to there lands! Whites would be in Europe and Caves, Blacks back to Israel and Indians and Mexicans take back America.

  14. ICE agents failed to be successful FBI, DEA, and ATF agents. ICE agents are rejects of other law enforcement. Just another government statagy to wipe their * with our money.

  15. Make the adherents of sanctuary cities live in "sanctuary homes."

  16. If ICE doesn’t respond and pick up the detainees they legally have to release them. ICE needs to go get them before they have to be released. That’s not working against them, it’s following the law.

  17. There are way more than 4 sanctuary states…………….. what is your research team doing………..

  18. sorry when ICE reports the mother of a soldier fighting for our country, and deporting children while keeping a mother here ICE needs to be disband

  19. It's not a good thing to set a higher bar. Criminals are criminals let ice do its job

  20. I think we need to empty all the prisons of minor offense people and load those presents up with people who have violated their Sanctuary too many times

  21. The woman who was being interviewed says that "ICE is rogue" and that our tax dollars are being used to violate people and human rights,etc. I'd like to make the case that my tax dollars(especially since I lived 8 years of my adult life in California) have been used to fund social services for people that aren't citizens of the U.S, and these same people have violated American sovereignty. 2 wrongs don't make a right I understand, but the U.S cannot continue to pay for people who should not be here, especially if they break our laws.

  22. We live in a police state. Freedom is an illusion.

  23. He's not trying to criminalize All Mexican immigrants, that's a Bs statement that lady made …

    All Mexicans seem to be willfully dense when it comes to legal and illegal immigration…

  24. The real foreigners on our ancestors land is the European, but your are not protected no more, time up European guns control is the Mark of the beast, for your that going on right now as we speak.

  25. *Millions of people are "Not Getting Deported", as that lady immigration lawyer "falsely stated that they are"… otherwise "millions of undocumented people" (11,000,000+) would NOT "still" be residing in the U.S.A.
    *Sorry, I'm a Democratic voter…but "a law is a law."

  26. ICE is out there doing the Lord's work. Pack them up, and get them out as fast as possible. All these illegal sub-humans do is steal Union Jobs. #bernie2020

  27. There's been bounty hunters before ice. Perhaps these Sanctuary politicians could live on the sidewalks in a pup tent in a bordertown.

  28. 2:12 How fitting for today prison planet america… the Twin Towers rebuilt into a fricken prison.

  29. If you're illegal, either get legal, or get out! No exception to the rule of law. Everyone else has to abide by it, so do illegals! If they don't, then they need to leave!

  30. "people of color do not have the same access to legal migration!"

  31. Most of the residents in my bordertown of Laredo are not originally from here. Everybody blends in, though, since it's mostly a Hispanic community, …even if it's not considered a "Sanctuary City." The "federal government" should look into our U.S./Mexico border cities like mine. "Many of my neighbors" (some of them living here already for decades) "do not work or hold a steady job." At night, especially on weekends, you can observe them "conducting their illegal transactions."

  32. He Beats His Wife Drives Drunk And Still Wants To Be A Criminal

  33. THIS IS LIES, This Is Not About Color

  34. CRIMINALS are CRIMINALS and LEGAL Immigrants are ok Time To Stop These Citys that Refuse to follow a BasicRules

  35. So they’re arresting working family men , how very American

  36. I get it, people want a better life. But why come here illegally or " break into " the US. Why dont they make thier country better or go through the process legally? If thier is not a system to follow why have a system at all? This great country will end up like the place they are running from. If I was desperate SHOULD I break into your home?

  37. all federal funds given to sanctuary cities law enforcement should be given to ICE instead, for enforcement in that city!

  38. Dangerous illegals aught to be sent home…ICE are out of control sometimes not following the law…Where are the children hidden away? You have them locked up somewhere…The threat of those children being affected forever is very real…not even a real blanket for young children…for shame!

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