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The Best Hair Care Products Launching in January 2019

I’ll make any excuse to shop. Who doesn’t? OK, fine, maybe fully responsible adults. But as a mostly responsible adult, it can be a little too easy to find an excuse to spend money. The start of a new month for many of us brings a new paycheck and new decisions as to what to spend it on. Now, whether or not you consider yourself fiscally prudent, at some point we all need new hair products. Yes, even you product hoarders out there (as if you needed convincing). And fortunately for us consumers, brands are putting out hot, new innovative products all the time and if you care about your hair, those products deserve your attention. Whether you’re trying to boost your blonde color, cleanse your curls, or soothe your scalp, this month’s newest hair-care products are here for you. Read on to find out what the brands have up their sleeves.


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