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The Best Korean Makeup of 2019 — K-Beauty Cosmetics Reviews

By now, most of us are well-accustomed with the wonders of Korean skin-care products. My robust nighttime routine is complete with a cleansing balm, toner, essence, ampoule, and countless sheet masks straight from Seoul. (I’ve literally carried several of them back with me.) All help me achieve the clear, glass-like skin of my favorite K-pop stars. But what about the makeup that gives them their equally as enviable ombre lips, flushed cheeks, and sparkly lids? Although idols’ makeup artists are fans of Western beauty brands, like Nars and Maybelline, their kits are filled with amazing cosmetics from brands based in South Korea, such as 3CE, VDL, and Espoir, too. I may or may not be speaking from all my experiences getting distracted before interviews with K-pop stars by what their team is using for touchups.

It’s about time we show Korean makeup brands some stateside love. Plus, chances are many of them are already on your radar for their skin-care offerings — do Innisfree, Banila Co, and Missha sound familiar?

Although I have some personal favorites, I asked experts in Seoul’s beauty community to share their ultimate Korean makeup picks. Keep scrolling to find out their go-to non-drying lip tints, dewy foundations, and glittery eye shadows. No matter what your makeup vibe is, you’re sure to find some new staples on this list.

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