The best of Vernon Philander in Australia

After South African seamer Vernon Philander announced his retirement from international cricket, take a look at some of his top deliveries in Tests in Australia


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  1. I hope more african nations start playing cricket, then we will have real competition. Black people are natural born athletes. Look at baseball, basketball football wherever they entre they dominate the sports.

  2. Just enough movement is much more dangerous than too much of it

  3. Only home conditional bowler.. useless

  4. Regulation deliveries except for a couple. Batsman are lazy is the best I came up with.

  5. You can't find right armer in this era like massive Philander

  6. Why he is retiring from intl cricket!!!

  7. Philander- The last of the pack. First Morkel, then Steyn, and now him. Farewell, legend.

  8. He doesn't have the pace yet he's so effective & successful.

  9. He is not successful at flat batting pitches

  10. The appealing style is so similar as that of Glenn McGrath

  11. He was not successful in india though like many other western fast bowlers… Just saying

  12. Less swing and big spin is alarming dangerous for batsmen

    .M Asif
    .Parveen Kumar
    .Mcrath were pretty good for it

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