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The Big Lie: Bernie Sanders is Not Popular with African-Americans

The Big Lie: Bernie Sanders is Not Popular with African-Americans


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  1. Being black isn’t a crime but this video should be the quality is horrible. Why aren’t you filming in the studio.

  2. Dear no we don't like Bernie. You white moderates are just as much of the devil as Republicans.

    F🖕🏾ck Bernie because he damn sure isn't going to get my vote.

  3. Lol🤣😂😂😂.. I'm black and African Americans HATE Bernie Sanders… You guys need to do some better research… If not, you'll find out the hard way in 2020

  4. I'm native American blacks should know that you aren't indigenous to the USA. You are indigenous to West Africa lol fools

  5. Damn Cenk, just look at your comments.

  6. He shouldn't be popular with American Descendants of Slavery. Those of us who are for reparations don't like Bernie Sanders, nor do we care for Bakari Sellers. The most progressive person is the one who is for ADOS reparations. Also, Kamala Harris is NOT African American. She doesn't identify as African American if you've ever watched any of her interviews.

  7. We arent African-American. This is our land. All them little things and even our leaders knew. Natives and Africans arent the same. We are black but we dont need a green card for a reason. Dane Colloway will explain.

  8. Bernie Sanders, ADOS, etc is all a scam that black folks are not falling for anymore. We are also waking up to who we are and what was hidden from us and ALL NATIONS, getting the goods off the backs of my ancestors, are getting ready to see The hand of The Most High move as when the Israelites were lead out of Egypt. Babylon is getting ready to have to let us go.

    All Praises to The Most High 🙌🏾⚔️📖 🙏🏽

  9. I'm not voting for Bernie Sanders

  10. I'm a black American and Bernie Sanders is the ONLY presidential candidate I'd cast a for. There are no other candidates worthy of my time and vote.

  11. I hate trump,but im starting to hate how many dems seems to be brushing the issue of reparations under the rug. This country got over 90 trillion dollars in free slave labor from our ancestors,black farmers run off their own land,massacaring whole towns of bp. Bernie is not the best option at this point. He sees reparations as divisive ,but what he means is white people dont feel they should have to pay reperations..

  12. I believe that Bernie is not listening to us. Just because Nina Turner is backing him,that means nothing if shes not in his ear about reparations. Bernie fought for Jewish reparations but not reperations for black people and for MANY of us thats not acceptable periodt. We deserve to have something that promotes true economic growth for our community. MLK believed in reparations, just saying. I like Elizabeth Warren at this point.

  13. harris is a bedwinch!!!!

  14. higher wedges is for everybody!!!! smdh

  15. im black and i would never vote for bernie!!! tf you know about us????????? you better check your sc facts!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Bernie Sanders voted for mass incarceration of our people knowing the circumstances and knowing what we've been through in his country since 1619 to 2019 Is not for us

  17. Why vote for the lesser of 2 evils – as an African American?


  19. Actually hes not. Hes even more unpopular with Hispanics.

  20. No one but Bernie he will bring justice to us. He will unite us.

  21. America needs Bernie Sanders! Now more than ever.

  22. It's true though. He isn't pro-black, he dropped the ball on African-American reparations.

  23. All of you beautiful intelligent people that are calling out the BS and feeling the BERN give me so much hope for our future. We will show them all! Our time is now! Let's transform all that potential awesomeness that has been lying dormant within us into DYNAMIC KINETIC ACTION! 🌎❤

  24. Why does he lie? Because he IS an establishment Dem and they will say or do anything to protect the status quo which has become a big financial payoff for them.

  25. Actually hes not. Hes even more unpopular with Hispanics.

  26. Black people are progressive by nature. Their history in America is one of oppression and unfairness, so any legislation that comes along to try to balance the justice system and/or the economic landscape automatically gives them grounds to support it despite the disgusting Democrats propensity to backstab them. Hence, why Bernie is so popular with them on almost 90% of the issues and progressive ideas poll so high within the AA population.

  27. Why are you guys hating on Bernie? Look at his record, he is unwaveringly consistent and dependable with regard to where he stands and has stood. He has never spoken out against reparations, rather prefers to take on the root causes and mechanisms of systemic inequality. If reparations is your primary motivation to vote, then take a look at Marianne Williamson.

  28. ADOS most likely wont vote for Bernie unless he shoots black people full on reparations.

  29. I pay zero attention to opinion polls. I don't stay home on election day. I've been voting since the 70's. Everyone of you young people who stays home on election day makes my vote more powerful.  If you want to make our Republic more diverse,  get off your butt on election day and vote.  If you want us old white guys to stay in control of the direction our country is going, then stay home on election day. It's that simple.

  30. It is not a lie….My father was the only black guy that I knew supported Bernie.

  31. Damn right we not with Bernie Sanders this bastard said he doesn't want reparations for the African American community and yet he wants it for the Jewish community no black agenda no black vote and believe me we understand who the other candidates are

  32. If anti Semitism means we would have a socialist American society will you democratic socialist be ok with it????

  33. We know who cross burning Bernie. He will lose lol.

  34. The intersectionality wing of the Democrats are working hard to make sure Sanders loses Black support.

    Look at the hatchet job they did on Sanders over repatriations.

    It is only starting.

  35. Here are the top reasons that Bernie did not do well with AA in 2016. I should mention though that in terms of native Americans and Asians Bernie did better than Hillary and in terms of Latinos I believe it was very close. It would be a mistake to say that he didn't do well with minorities. So here are the reasons he did not do well with AA in 2016.

    1) As Cenk correctly mentioned the name recognition was the number one factor.
    2) A map of the bible belt and a map of the high concentrations of AA look almost identical. Fundamentalist Christians (mostly) perceived him to be an atheist (which he has said he is not.) The DNC deliberately spread the rumor that he was an atheist. Also fundamental religious Americans will not vote for anyone who is so staunchly pro-choice as Bernie.
    3) The media, the DNC, and Clinton's team of disinfo agents were all spreading the lie that she was the only one who could beat Trump. AAs knew that if Trump won racists would be emboldened and much needed social programs would be gutted. (Both of these things happened.) They were falsely told that a vote fopr Bernie was essentially a vote for Trump. Hillary promised that only she could beat Trump because she was the annointed one and then proceeded to run the worst campaign in modern history putting Trump into the WH.
    4) Obama endorsed Hillary not Bernie and Bernie wasn't afraid to criticize Obama where criticism was due. Many AAs took this as being hostile toward the first AA president (even though Obama being biracial is as white as he is black and even though Bernie's criticisms had nothing to do with any racial motivations.unlike Trump's conspiracy theories.
    5) Hillary's husband Bill was known as the first AA president in his presidency because he used to play saxophone in a jazz band and legitimately blended well into those circles (even if his political decisions didn't really do much for them.)

    This is why that despite Bernie having fought for the rights of all minorities throughout his life, he did less well than expected with AAs in 2016.

    2020 will be very different for a number of reasons but i will digress here.

  36. Bernie is my man. Young Turks do not let that bastard get away with the smearing of Bernie Sanders. I hold you guys in hi resolve, please continue excellent your excellent work, put the word out there so people can hear and understand the truth of this b***** the Democrats are calling a farce of a man. Bernie Sanders will be the next president of the United States if I have anything to do with it. And if you know how to get in touch with Bernie Sanders tell me to call Larry oh, I'm in the book, and live in Detroit Michigan boom yeah!!!

  37. They're trying to use reparations to eliminate Bernie. The democratic party is just as racist as the republicans. They try to feed us justice in pieces and parts. Not because republicans are obstructing, but because they are racist, too. They're objet is to pacify us.

  38. Andrew Yang is gonna win the black vote on the breakfast club

  39. This is tone death. We have a problem with racial inequality in, addition to class inequality. Yes, we do want healthcare and income equality but there's the matter of access to medical care. It doesn't make sense that I have health insurance, but if I live in Mississippi, the nearest clinic or hospital is 50 to 100 miles away. If I finally get to a healthcare professional, then I have to persuade this professional to believe me when I tell him/her about my health concerns. There's the matter of equality in education, housing, job opportunities. Also, I have to ask for the breakdown in the polls as it relates to age and gender. Is Bernie Sander more popular with younger African-Americans? Did anyone conduct a poll with older African-Americans? I don't think we are going getting a fuller picture to conduct a more accurate analysis.

  40. I like Bernie as well, but I will not vote. No taxation without representation. The Republic is politicians and that includes Bernie. And I'm still waiting on that call back Bernie!

  41. I like Bernie and I will vote for him. But the Dem machinery is trying to hurt him with the African American vote. He has Nina Turner on his campaign, so inevitably they will have to sit down and draft something up that is directed to the black demographic. However they have to be smart, because too much pandering to one group or another will isolate one group or another. I for one think Bernie’s message is raceless and genderless.

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