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The BIG Question For The 2020 Election

The BIG Question For The 2020 Election

How should we judge presidential candidates? John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, and Francis Maxwell, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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TBT: Joe Biden Waxed Poetic About Dick Cheney in 2015 — I ‘Actually Like Him,’ He’s a ‘Decent Man’

“Former Vice President Joe Biden seems to have a certain — if not fondness — appreciation, or respect for his fellow second-in-commands.

In a clip unearthed Thursday by Young Turks correspondent Emma Vigeland, the former veep had some kind words for his predecessor, Dick Cheney. Speaking at an event on the campus of George Washington University in 2015, Biden referred to Cheney as “a decent man.”

“I actually like Dick Cheney, for real,” Biden said. “I get on with him. I think he’s a decent man.”

Hosts: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, Francis Maxwell

Cast: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, Francis Maxwell


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  1. St Fzancis, TRUMP 2020 😉 You guys demonize Trump

  2. If I remember correctly in 2016 Bernie rolled over for Clinton 😂😂😂

  3. Well Bernie has the best chance of beating donny tiny hands and he's the best on policy, soooo…..

  4. Bad news for you, the voting system is set up for voting for the least objectionable candidate. The primary should be done by rank choice voting.

  5. MOLESTOR. CREEP…JOE. JOE. ..!!#/^&***(((;&*(((((

  6. Tyt Photoshopped biden? Sad af.

  7. Pathetic Fake News – Hating on Trump Surprise, inventing shi××t. how's St Fzancis with his Black boyfriend

  8. If Biden can’t survive someone as mild mannered as Bernie how is he going to deal with the human embodiment of an internet comment section aka Trump ?

    Trump has no qualms about settling Biden with a nickname that refers to him touching women and children inappropriately, he will bomb Biden into the dirt and if all he can say in return is “let’s return to normal” he will suffer the same fate as Hillary.

  9. But the bigger question is… why is Biden even running? Wasn't it his and Obama's policies and ways of running the country that gave us trumpleforeskin… yeah, go away Joe

  10. Don’t badmouth the candidates because we know Trump certainly won’t.

  11. I for one am looking forward to more liberal tears (including the young turds). There's like 3 people who still support libtards. Your party is dying and the last of the sane folk have abandoned ship

  12. Just being better than Trump is a pretty low bar.

  13. Bernie would have easily been elected in 2016, but now with the economy setting all time records, a socialist is a tougher sell to the general public. Biden is a better match than Bernie vs Trump in 2020.

  14. Joe Biden's investment in the TYT was a powerful move, as this will surely fix his reputation, at least amongst the young leftists. Even though this old, Jewish multi millionaire is not the progressive mascot that we all want, he is definitely a weapon against Trump that we need.

  15. The big question: who will get crushed by Trump in the election?

  16. Biden is just another Hillary
    Bernie 2020

  17. Some choice. Biden and Trump. I'm voting Green again.

  18. PEOPLE! Trump BARELY won the last election. Do not faulter… you can beat him. easily…

  19. No, you guys totally poisoned the well for Hillary in 2016, you should learn from that and be more responsible this time

  20. Badmouth or criticize? They really mean criticize. And they only mean their favorites. Screw em. Biden sucks. As does Beto and Mayor Pete. As does Harris.

  21. Discuss discuss…Trump is winning 2020 LOL

  22. Trump has his fanatical followers that will defend him no matter what is said or shown. The same goes for Biden, I've encountered such followers on Facebook.

  23. Here is what I find amazing about all of Bernie fans.The economy is roaring and who would vote for a socialist, and on top of that, he finds nothing wrong with felons voting while in prison, even the Boston bomber. Bernie and AOC are the gift that keep on giving

  24. I can't vote for any pro war candidate willing to send his own son to MURDER after it's detirmined that there are no wmds and then the narrative is changed to say we are doing regime change for stability of the region or for US national security.

    Biden is not a leader. He is a follower of the Kool aid drinking masses or a puppet master. Either way, he is selling a lie and I don't buy it.

  25. Biden's campaign knows that his voting record is a disaster, so his spokesperson actually said when questioned about it "That was in the past. Joe's thinking has evolved, so you need to focus on what he would do today." (paraphrasing, but this is almost verbatim)

    Seriously? So, we're supposed to ignore his many disastrous decisions of the past and assume that what he SAYS today is how he would actually ACT as POTUS?

    Um, no. Voting 101: the best way to judge how a candidate will decide in office is to look at what they've done in the past. Sometimes it's the ONLY way.

  26. The problem with the system is that there are only two candidates but there are three sides fighting. There's the establishment who want to maintain the status quo in their interests. There's the extremists who want to enforce their views on others. And there's those who want the system to change and start working to improve their lives.

    The establishment has maintained control mostly because the only two candidates are usually establishment pawns. In all fairness Trump is too, but he puts on the rhetoric of the extremists and is able to be manipulated by the extremist candidates, hence why he maintains that 30% unmovable support. Those wanting change get shafted at every turn. They're the ones who put Trump in power in the belief that any change is better than no change. Whether they'll do it again is up for debate.

    The worse thing to come from Trump's Presidency other than a second term is the establishment swinging the narrative to take back full control. Because make no mistake, whether you think Trump is one of them or not, they've masterfully used him to forward their agendas, and they're using him right now to set up their next puppet in the Oval Office. Because if they legit wanted to get him out like they keep claiming they'd have done so by now. They haven't, because while the likes of Pelosi and Schumer and even a handful of Republicans feign outrage and resistance, in reality he's allowing them to get through everything they ever wanted, and all the while the majority of the general public are being distracted looking at the orange clown in the big news spotlight every day and night.

  27. Biden is for war.
    Biden against cannabis.
    Biden is also against free trade.
    He doesn't have my vote.

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