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The biggest news at Computex 2019

The biggest news at Computex 2019

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  1. 5G is bad for your health!

  2. They Really, REALLY need to just add windows 7 or Linux into Android phones and have it boot up when the phone is hooked to a bigger display like a Laptop dock. Nothing else can compete with price & efficiency of that. You would have absolutely no reason to buy another sim card plan. And your laptop is upgraded everytime you upgrade your phone. Simple.

  3. I literally learned nothing from this video. It's like what would happen if a teenage girl made a video about sparkly things…………….

  4. Great Video. 0% bias. 100% dedicated journalism.

  5. I'm glad computex is a thing again. It died after 2006 when quotas were lifted on China. Interesting that quotas have come back in the form of tariffs. Is this a bull pivot for Taiwan?

  6. A Chinese and an Indian speaking American accent.

  7. Oh, yeah?? How much did Intel pay you guys to tell us about AMD for exactly 10 secs ???

  8. The bezels on the intel gaming laptop tho…

  9. Once again, rubbish biased reporting

  10. Did literally nobody in the comments watch the first 20 seconds of the video? They literally say at 0:20 that they've done separate videos on AMD's stuff. But all of you are rushing to accuse them of selling out lmfao

  11. Damn, you guys thought this was the biggest news at Computex. Talk about being disconnected. How much did Intel pay you for this?

  12. Lol ryzen? Wtf is this bias shit

  13. You probably just lost like 1k subscribers from this biased news

  14. Stop with this bs or i will unsub. Everybody knows who was real star of computex and u don't even show that brand ? Shame on you

  15. Would be swell with better audio.

  16. Intel, Intel, Intel, Intel, Intel, Intel, Int…………

  17. Guys, this is absoultely terrible lighting!

  18. So y'all just going to ignore Hardawar's shirt?…

  19. The Asus Zenbook pro duo needs to be 17 inches for a larger battery

  20. Someone stop feeding her vodka so she can say Dell XPS instead of Duh XPS

  21. Please tell your shirt to stop screaming at me.

  22. All screen laptops are the future!!

  23. Thanks Endgadget for tirelessly covering Computex for us!

  24. Ha, and I thought there were parts for actual computers showcased at computex. Are you sure, you went to the right expo? Looks like you accidentally visited "Portableshitnobodyaskedforx"…

  25. Real bro
    Does gaming on 5g laptop makes sense cus u will get only some like 5-10 Ms less delay

  26. Thumbnail: ryzen 3000 series
    Video: intel&intel&intel&Qualcomm 🤦‍♂️

  27. LOL basically today's sponsor is Intel I guess??

  28. you forgot the "sponsored by Intel" part

  29. And how can Qualcomm 8CX doesn't even worth to mention smh

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