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The Challenge for Ethiopia’s Luxury Push – Skift

Ethiopia’s Nascent Luxury Tourism Market Starts to Take Hold: The question is not whether hoteliers and operators should invest in Ethiopia, but whether Ethiopia should allow us to come, to revel in its history and exalt in its holiness. Perhaps Ethiopia, its people, and its profound history should remain protected from the outside until the end of time.

A Lesson in Hotel Loyalty That Goes Beyond Just Points: The personal touch never loses its appeal. Hector Ruiz, a 27-year veteran of The Carlyle, shares lessons learned from a career at the hotel and how sometimes, analog approaches yield the best results.

Caribbean Downplays Zika But World Health Organization Remains Concerned: With information about zika, parents-to-be must consider the source, even now. Tourism boards exist in large part to promote visitation — the world health organization is invested in public health, not convincing you to take a babymoon to the Caribbean.

Hyatt’s High Hopes for Two Roads Revealed: We all knew Hyatt was in the mood for a major acquisition. (NH Hotel Group or Starwood, anyone?) And now we have a much better idea of what its plans are for Two Roads, as well as other acquisitions down the line.

New Zealand Launches Campaign Asking Tourists for Respect: New Zealand is just the latest destination begging visitors to behave. Welcome to the unpleasant side effect of mass tourism.


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