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The death of Nexus, Now and rise of Google Assistant

The death of Nexus, Now and rise of Google Assistant

The Engadget Podcast Ep.9

Managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Devindra Hardawar debate some of the biggest stories of the week, including the unceremonious death of Google’s Nexus program, Now’s replacement with an equally terrible name and whether or not Google Home is useful enough to make you overlook how creepy it is.

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Two Engadget editors sit down and hash out some of the biggest stories of the week, exploring the pros, cons and unintended consequences of technology on the world around us.

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  1. With the pixel having a skin on top of android does this mean "stock android" is dead? I at least liked how nexus phones offered an android the way google intended it experience. But now that they have their phones skinned what is going to come of the stock android experience? Is the google assistant going to eventually roll out to everyone with google now? or will google assistant be exclusive to high end pixel phones and phones with google now will simply cease to have any functional assistant

  2. These 3 made me Subscribe to Engadget. 😇
    Good work Mr D! #BharatMataKiJai 🙌

  3. These guys seem very knowledgeable, I am going for the Google Pixel XL. X

  4. Dana Wollman sounds .. not fun :S

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