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The Death of Social Media Influencers, The Rise of the Mediapreneurs

The Death of Social Media Influencers, The Rise of the Mediapreneurs

The Death of Social Media Influencers, The Rise of the Mediapreneurs | Trends
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Is the social media influencer bubble bursting?
What is a social media influencer?
What does an influencer do?
How much does an influencer earn per year?
How are influencers payed?
How can you became an influencer?
When can you call yourself an influencer?
What makes an influencer?
What is a mediapreneur?
How rich are influencers?
What makes a good influencer?
Who is the biggest influencer?
How can you find influencer jobs?
Who pays the influencers?
Are influencers dying?
How big is the influencer market place?
What is influencer marketing?
How much money do social media influencers make?
How do instagram influencers make money?
How much money do youtubers make?

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  1. Would definitely like to go more in depth on New media

  2. New Media – voice is a bit robotic, yet the info is on-point. Thanks for this timely vid. 🙂

  3. How did u forget to mention Gary vee

  4. “New media” great video

  5. Influencers lose their credibility when they sell shitty products or when other influencers bring their name down( this is having two sides either the person would be able to build more trust with his content or lose his followers because of overwhelmed pressure from his opponent influencers

  6. This is the special things from alux, They are transparent about what their team did, and bringing a high quality content, They got a real data before Shared it to everyone

  7. "NEW MEDIA" what niches are good?

  8. New media- credibility is lost when they go political.

  9. "New Media " yes please, you guys are awesome, thanks for the insights and tips, keep up the good work 🤗😍🤗

  10. "New Media" .. Thank you for superb content!

  11. Well, personally I lose interest in someone especially when he or she start to showing off their bodies ( provoking pictures, videos etc. ) so as to gain more followers.. It's really sad you know.. For me when someone starts acting this way, only because he wants more followers or has lost some of them, he/she's desperate.

  12. New Media!! I agree the Mediapreneur is the next evolution, and it's something that people like @garyvee have been talking about for awhile now. It's time to shift or (pivot) as the all the business people in the valley like to say. What an exciting time it is to be in this new media world. Let the games begin!!

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